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    Suggestions on Make up artist in Jamaica?

    Rashel also covered up one of the bridesmaids' bikini lines and you couldn't even tell that she had a sunburn. She did such a great job!
  2. chan_porty

    Suggestions on Make up artist in Jamaica?

    I got married at the Iberostar Rose Halll Suites and got my makeup done by Rashel from Chasity Artistry and my hair done by her assistant Fiona. I was very pleased with their work and would definitely recommend them. Thank you Rashel and Fiona.
  3. Hi everyone, Here are a few teaser pics. There are more on Joro Photography's facebook page. Just look them up I am now at the Grand enjoying my honeymoon. There were a few minor mishaps on the day of the wedding but nothing that ruined my day. I will post a review when I get back.
  4. I am leaving tomorrow morning and am so nervous. I have emailed Nicole several times over the last few weeks with last minute questions and concerns. Unfortunately, I have not heard back from her yet. I really hope that things work out and go as planned once I'm in at the resort. I guess there is no sense in stressing about it now... Anyway, I will be sure to post a review and pics when I get home. Thanks for all the help over the last year! I couldn't have done it without all the people on this forum. Sincerely, Chanelle
  5. I'm pretty sure it's on Thursdays
  6. Hi Jules, thanks for the Review. I'm doing a beach party with bon fire and fire dancer as my welcome dinner. Do you think that I need a DJ as well? Is there any other form of music for guests to dance?
  7. Thanks to all that replied RE: Rashel. I did send her a moneygram and am confident that she will come. I've hired her to do makeup for bridesmaids and I and her assistant (Deon Wong) is doing our hair. I'm so excited. Can't believe that I will be married in 17 days !
  8. To Iberostar Brides that have hired Rashel (Chasity Artistry) for makeup: Did you have to send a moneygram deposit? It makes me nervous to send one seeing as I don't know her and she could decide to just not show up and run with the money. What do you ladies think?
  9. Hi ladies, I wasn't planning on doing a sand ceremony or dove release or anything like that during my ceremony. Do you think that this will make the ceremony boring? Should I reconsider?
  10. Hi ladies, I'm using my bridesmaid flowers for my centre pieces. We're only 35 people so I want to rent out 5 vases and put the 5 bridesmaid bouquets in the vases so that they double as centre pieces. I called Tai Flora 2 weeks ago to see if I could rent the vases from them but have not heard back from them. Any other suggestions as to where I can get 5 vases? I really don't want to bring them from Canada.
  11. Were they able to have a DJ on the terrace?
  12. Starrysim, I'm doing a semi private reception at Calabash and then renting out the disco from 830-1030 for speeches, first dance etc... The disco opens up to the public after 1030 and I'm fine with finishing the night off with other resort guests. As long as having other resort guests there doesn't bother you, you and your guests can dance until the disco shuts down I hope this helps
  13. Hi Jones, Thanks so much for the review. It was really helpful. When you say that you saw a couple who had their reception at the lobby terrace, do you mean that they had their dinner and everything there? Or just the dance and speeches?
  14. I have decided to do a semi private reception dinner at Calabash. Because we will only be 34 people, I want the tables set up in a U shape so that everyone can see each other. Do any of you know of any games or activities that I can do during the dinner to keep everyone entertained? What have other brides done? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  15. Here are some questions answered by Nicole. I hope this helps Welcome Dinner (Saturday May 7th from 630-830) - No Charge I would like to make reservations for 34 people + 1 toddler at Aunt Rubby's for my welcome dinner. There will be 3 vegetarians in the group. They are true vegetarians and do not eat fish. Will there be vegetarian options for them at aunt Ruby's? The rest of will be fine to order from the regular menu. We will advised the chef and he will see what he can do. Bonfire + Firedance $250 + $250 + $7 per person for extra people after 15 people for national open bar. Bonfire at the Beach for more than 15adults $250.00usd for 1hr for every extra other person if you would like to have National open bar $7.00usad per person . After dinner at Aunt Ruby's we will head to the beach for the bonfire and to watch the fire dancer. Does the fire get put out after 1 hour or can we stay at the fire and then just go to the nearest bar to get our own drinks? The Bonfire enclosed a open bar for 1hr for 15people if it over 15 for each extra person its $7.00usd per person per hour if you want the National open bar . Is there a bar near the area where the bonfire will be? Yes Wedding Ceremony - included in wedding package Location: Lobby Terrace Seats: 30 Time: 3:30pm Chairs: White covers and silver bows Runner: white Huppa: decorated with white sheer fabric, artificial Ivy and artificial flowers Steel pan band for ceremony $350 I would like to hire the steel pan band to start playing 5 minutes before we walk down the aisle until the minister starts his speech (approximately 15 minutes). I would then like them to play for 45 minutes after the ceremony (while we do our toast). This equals an hour of performance. Is it possible to do this? Yes Is there space for them to set up on the Lobby Terrace? Yes Can I request songs or do they choose their own play list? Yes you can Cocktail Hour - (430-530) no charge Guests will be instructed to head to the main lobby for cocktail hour where they can order drinks from the lobby bar. The wedding party will be taking photographs at this time That will be fine. Reception at Calabash (545-8) I would like a NON private reception for 34 guests + 1 toddler (including bride, groom and bridal party). I would like the tables set up in a U shape so that everyone can interact. I will bring seating cards so that everyone knows where they are sitting. Guests will be instructed to arrive at Calabash for 545 and at 6pm the wedding party, bride and groom will make an entrance. Questions re: reception: 1. As I said before, there will be 3 vegetarians. Is there options at this restaurant for them? 2. I am bringing wedding favours to place beside each plate setting. Will the staff be able to set these up or am I the one who has to do this? Yes they will be able to do so. 3. Are the chair covers from the ceremony brought in and put on the chairs for the reception? yes that can be arranged. 4. Are there candles that can be used to put on the tables or do I have to bring these with me from Canada? What we have are tea light candles but if you want to bring your own that’s fine. 5. I want to put the bridesmaids bouquets in vases on the tables. Do you have 5 vases at the resort that I can borrow to put on the table or do I have to bring these from Canada? You would have to rent those from the Flower shop or you can bring your own. Rental of Mango Walk Disco (830-1030) $350 for 30 people We will rent out the disco to do our first dance and to have some time to dance and party with our guests before the general public arrives. Questions: -Is the disco far from Calabash? 5 min walk -Is there anyway that I can get in contact with the DJ to give him a play list (first song, dance with father etc..) you can send your play list to me and i will give it to him. -We have been taking lessons and got our first dance choreographed, is there a spot light of any sort on the dance floor so that everyone can see when we do our first dance? Yes we do have one at the Disco.