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  1. I would get a full tour of the resort. Ask to see all room types,all facilities and everything the resort has to offer. Your guests will want to know all kinds of information that you can share with them because you saw the resort first hand. As far as wedding questions, the wedding coordinator should be able to walk you through the details.......that is their job. Have a good visit--take lots of pictures--and take friends with you to hear and see what you don't.
  2. We have our wedding scheduled for 2/4/11, so far we are very pleased with the way the plans are going. Claribel is great!!! Lisa too!!
  3. don't want to forget anything...thanks for the reminder to give back to those who help make our dream come true
  4. Erinleigh--loved your review.....do you mind sharing what your total cost was for your dream wedding?? you can message me if you don't want to post it. Thanks a million!!
  5. Does anyone know what Pr. Rick York charges for his services? Thanks
  6. Thanks Mere----I have alot to learn!!
  7. Just getting started.....interested in a Feb. 2011 wedding in Punta Cana. Your experience is needed to help us plan the wedding of my dreams!!
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