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  1. Congratulations and welcome to BDW! Happy wedding planning!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by knitgirl13 It varies by resort, but most of the resort photographers photos I've seen look technically fine but lack that creativity & special something. It just depends on your priorities. Photos are the most important thing to me, so I'd rather get a cheaper cake, cheaper dress, etc. and hire a photographer that I love and that I've been able to choose myself. ~~ Amen to that! --
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    cancun wedding

    Congratulations! Have fun & happy wedding planning!
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    Yay! Having fun is what it's all about!! Congrats!!
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  6. That's awesome! Good luck with everything! And happy wedding planning
  7. Congratulations! And good luck picking a location!
  8. I can't believe your fiancee has let you get away with being in "disinterested groom mode" for this long! lol Good luck with everything!! I wish I would've been into wedding photography before I got married.. Oh how different things would've been...
  9. Have fun planning! And good luck with everything!
  10. Congrats!! And happy wedding planning! this is a great site!! ps. the Moon Palace in Punta Cana was gorgeous!
  11. I have been there personally (to photograph a wedding) and it was absolutely breathtaking! Completely loved it. There wasn't a thing wrong with it in my book There's some great reviews from others on Trip Advisor, here: Moon Palace Casino, Golf & Spa Resort (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic) - Resort (All-Inclusive) Reviews - TripAdvisor Good luck with everything!
  12. Wowzers! Villa Caletas looks like a page right out of Heaven! ..Good luck with your decision! Costa Rica is an AMAZING place!
  13. Yay for Florida!! Congrats to all you brides-to-be!! Happy wedding planning
  14. The MOON PALACE?!! Ooooo!! You're going to LOVE it and so will your guests!! It's a gorgeous place! We absolutely loved it!! (I wasn't a bride there.. I was the photographer for a couple who got married there.) Congratulations!! ~Michelle
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