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  1. my centerpieces were from tai flora the bouquets were from shangri-la
  2. I dont know the name of my dJ but you can ask keisha who was the dj for my wedding and im sure she will her you. Tell her it was for Daritza and Elvis' wedding may 21. my ceremony was at 2pm on the beach gazebo next to where they have the beach ceremony. I originally wanted the beach reception but so happy that i let my husband choose. I dont like the fact that you can see the gazebo from where they hold the beach reception. Guest will start wondering why the gazebo wasnt used. The ceremony i saw on the beach was really beautiful though. I didnt have the steel drum band but i didn see a wedding that had the band. honestly it sounded great but the guests werent really paying attention to it. If you dont have a band they automatically put a speaker with a dj to put the songs u want to walk in with. I didnt choose a song beause it wasnt a big deal to me. The guy again did a great job. They take care of everything for you and i lovedd that. I didnt worry about a thing. Just enjoy everything. Honestly i kept it simple. Ill tell u what i didn in my initial meeting. I chose the $40 bouquet from shangri-la for my bridesmaids which i thought i wasnt going to be crazy about and i ended up loving. I chose the $60 bouquet for me and was happy with it because like i said those little things arent a big deal to me. I just wanted my guests to have a good time. my bouquet consisted of 12 white roses. My centerpieces i did choose b4 getting to the hotel. We also included hors d'oeuvres because we had a huge gap from 3 to 6:30. we were glad we did that because my guests go to munch on something and relax b4 dinner n partying. that was that was d tffthat was $12pp. with open bar. the DJ cost us $600 for 4hrs. They take care of pretty much everything else. I cant think of anything else but feel free to ask questions. Quote: Originally Posted by booschmit So glad to hear the DJ was awesome and thanks for the pics too! Do you know what the name of your DJ was? I thought maybe I would request the one you had since you said he was so good. We get married July 8th and are having ceremony on the beach at 4pm, dinner at plantation and then poolside reception with a DJ. What time was your ceremony? Did you have the steel drum band? Seems so expensive at $490 an hour but seems like it would be cool. Any advice you have would be great. How was Keisha- she has been very good about responding to my emails so I'm feeling pretty good about things. Congrats to you!!! Brenda
  3. Yes! i didn use brian. He is amazingggggg!!!!! so easy to work with. He is very professional. I would use him again and again.
  4. Ladies here is a preview of my wedding at ROR on may 21, 2011 a review will be posted as soon as i get my professional pics .
  5. I just had a poolside reception may 21,2011 as well as another bride from this forum and i have to tell you that it was just great! it was amazing!. The fact that we could jump up and down and dance through the party with the beautiful scenery of the pool on one side and the beach on the other side is just breathtaking. ill post pics soon. Quote: Originally Posted by mmcst38 Just got back from our wedding on Friday the 13th of May! No regrets about the resort at all,amazingly beautiful everyone loved it, we had our wedding on the beach and our reception again on the beach at the seagrape, saw three other weddings when I was there, two at the pool, not sure why someone would choose that but, to each there own, all of our guests kept thanking us for choosing the resort and telling us how surprised they were that is was so nice for such a reasonable price. as far as the wedding cooridnator goes, they do change prices but as long as you keep your emails she will honour whatever price she told you and she actually gave us the steel drum band for cheaper than she quoted us! I think its just the jamaican culture, they arent big on this is this and that is that, its very go with the flow which I love, I know going into this blind can be overwhelming but trust me these people do this all day long, there is no way to mess up your day, no problem mon, thats all you will hear..lol
  6. Hey i just want to let u know that the DJ that keisha got for me was amazingggg. my family and i are party people and he was really really good.
  7. Ladies my wedding is next week Saturday the 21st!!!! wish me luck im super nervous. I hope everything turns out well. Ill let you guys know as soon as i return how everything went!
  8. Thank you. My girls are very complicated! They drove me nutz! but they finally ended up voting and the higher number obviously won. The dresses are from bebe it was like a last minute resource.
  9. Hey Ladies! soo my wedding is around the corner! Its may 21st and my girls have finally agreed on a dress. This is me in my bridesmaid dresses
  10. I would greatly appreciate the information packages. Im getting married May 21 and im starting to get nervous. penaalba@aol.com
  11. CONGRATULATIONS! Its only fair that they give you the poolside reception since it was already confirmed.
  12. Â no you arent lazy this was a full time job! a lot of work. i did them in parts no way i could do it all on one day. i would do about 10 a day, give them out and work on more! Â
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