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  1. Oh no i am unable to open this file and i really need it. Can you please tell me how can i open it?
  2. Of course it's an old post but very detailed and a good post is this. Very informative post about honeymoon. I wish i can also celebrate my honeymoon just like that as they spent.
  3. Hi! One of my friend has just got pregnant. She wants to know what should her to do to keep herself and her baby healthy. Please tell me some precautionary measures and some useful tips to keep both of them save from diseases.
  4. We are dating since a year and in next month we are going to be married. All of you wish me Good Luck please.
  5. Hi! What type of gift i should present to my wife on our 1st wedding night? I am thinking about to give her surprise of honeymoon in Dubai . What do you think? is it ok or i should present something else like some jewelery or like that? Please suggest me something so that i can arrange for that surprise gift for my wife.
  6. I can do exercise here like this . I am very lazy about exercise. I hope i can exercise on regular basis.
  7. welcome to the forum and congratulations that very soon you are going to be tied in a great relation. Best of Luck
  8. Congratulations and welcome back. I wish i can also celebrate my wedding ceremony on cruise. It's just like wedding and honeymoon together. wish you very Happy Married Life.
  9. Hi! I want to know any one of have ever been in Switzerland for honeymoon trip? If anyone of you know about there expenses and cheap resorts anywhere in Switzerland please tell me.
  10. We met 1st time online and after some time we met in a cafeteria. we like each other and got engaged after six months.
  11. zeeshan

    Newbie Here!

    Hello! My name is Zeeshan and i just joined this forum. Actually next Sunday my engagement is going to be held and after two months there would be my wedding ceremony. So i need some useful tips about both occasions so that i can manage my functions very well.
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