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  1. Hi ladies, just got back from DLR last night. It was truely amazing. HDC photos are awesome, although I still have to choose the ones I want. He was there for about an hour and a half after the ceremony and to be honest, it was plenty! I just wanted to see the family and friends after that and was tired of taking pics. Def go for the TTD session tho! They are def the best pics of them all....even though I have sunglasses on in most of the pics b/c I was uber hungover  I will post a full review and pics for all of you when I'm not at work!
  2. I haven't been on here in the longest time....ladies thanks for all the help by posting soooo much useful information. I really feel that I made the right decision in picking DLR, because of you all. We leave tomorrow at midnight for our flight and our wedding is next friday!! I feel like I still have so much to do...but screw it. It will be ok!  Does anyone have a copy of the vows that either pastor rick uses or the resort? I know its last minute, but I want to see what is out there.  My email is: telly032@live.com   thanks again!
  3. Is anyone bringing down their own tulle for the gazebo? I am worried that their teal isnt going to match my teal...I know minor. I am less than 30 days away and starting to panic a little. Sept brides...what time is your wedding? I scheduled mine for 5 and am a little concerned about sunset....tiara said the sun sets around 5:45 this time. Is that what you were told? Â Btw...my last post was regarding chair sashes....lol. I guess I didnt realize it would kick my comment to the back...
  4. i found some on efavormart.com that were only .89 cents each whether they are satin or organza. I ordered the satin ones for more color and they are nice.
  5. Reading your review has me even more excited! Everything looked gorgeous and the pics are fantastic! We are using HDC as well. I think your TTD session was the highlight, you are both so photogenic. Did you bring the table decorations with you or did DLR provide them?
  6. OMG that is gorgeous...and not that expensive !
  7. I was looking around and saw that they had horses on the beach...oh maybe I'll use that for my trash the dress instead! As far as the restriction goes...the FI is military and they're being picky about where we can and can't go. Mexico as a country was out But DR is gonna be fantastic!
  8. Hi everyone! My wedding is Sept 17, 2010...right smack in the dab of hurricane season! yaay! Can't wait to get to the DR, nonetheless. I just sent out my invitation, that I DIY too, with the help of Micheals of course. Funny thing is, is that I feel that the invites were just a mere courtesy, because I think I have spoken to everyone who is going... i am debating between a real flower bouquet, or a real touch flower bouquet? any suggestions?
  9. Thanks for the reasurrance! I think I've read through the last 100 pages! The time is just creeping up so fast, especially since we had to switch the wedding site from Carmen del Playa to the DR (which we found out about last month!) I already booked HDC for the photography. Did anyone bring their own tulle for the gazebo? I saw gazebo decor starts at $350..but I don't want white, since my dress is ivory.
  10. Hi there! I just recieved confirmation for my wedding at Dreams La Romana for Sept 17 2010. So right around the corner! I am nervous because Tiara has been taking forever to get back to me...even the confirmation took 3 weeks. This forum has been super helpful so far! I am hoping that everything can take care of itself when I get there. Has anyone had the gazebo decorated by the staff? My dress is ivory, and I am afraid the white drapery will make me look dingy. Also, has anyone inquired about a horse and carriage? I know they do this at some palace hotels, but we couldnt go there becau
  11. Hi there! I actually live in Vegas..so have been pretty much everywhere. Personally, when I stay on the strip I like MGM Signature. They are three towers that are directly behind MGM...but everything is connected via a indoor tunnel. You can walk underneath to Mandalay Bay too. All of the rooms are suites and you can get junior suites for around 150/night. They have full kitchens and balconies too..kinda like a timeshare...but full luxury. I think this is the most "bang for your buck". Vdara and Aria are nice too...but just classy hotel rooms. There are plenty of great
  12. Thanks for the welcome! I have already found soooo much useful info here from people who have already walked down the exact same path I am going to.
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Shauntel and I plan on having my dream wedding at Aventura Cove Palace Sept 18, 2010. We got a late start, because we are both procrastinators...so having them do everything is just perfect! Any suggestions and/or help would be appreciated regarding group rates, specials that they offer...can u haggle, ect? I am soooo excited!
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