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  1. Most of our guests ar staying a week (6 nights) my fi and i are staying for10 nights.
  2. Got ours as well and feel the same way may 10 cant come soon enough!!!!!!!!!!
  3. does anyone know if we are able to take the flowers to the reception from the ceremony like the ones from the arch or at least have them sent to theroom?
  4. We have been making payments for our wedding before we go down and our credit card company charges us a 2.7 % foreign transaction fee and one of our other cards wanted t charge us 3.4% so make sure you check w/ your credit card company nothing to do w/ the resort.
  5. Just booked ivan for may 10 2011 at dreams tulum and am wondering if he is able to use cold fireworks at that resort?
  6. We just booked D.J. Doremixx does anybody have any other reviews on him i only have read things and am just curious if anybody has used him on this site?
  7. fillandspill

    May 2011 Brides!

    May 10 2011 we will still be there until the 15 I think good luck
  8. fillandspill

    May 2011 Brides!

    hello have not been able to get on in a long time. i am looking for some idears that i would be able to do for my wedding service and resption
  9. hi we are doing the legaly at home hopefull on 5/5/11 and doing symbolic on 5/10/11 in mexico
  10. Hey Brides to be im a may 2011 bride to be and trying to find out if anyone knows the diameter of the round table im trying to order runners and theres a lot of diffrent sizes.
  11. fillandspill

    May 2011 Brides!

    Hope to actually getting there on May 6 not sure on flights yet but would be really cool also SAVE th DATES and invites went out today one thing checked off our list!
  12. fillandspill

    May 2011 Wedding

    Congrats and welcome
  13. fillandspill

    2011 Prices

    hi same boat here heard Dreams tulum will be out about may or june urrrgh
  14. fillandspill

    May 2011 Brides!

    Hey great thread we are getting married may 10 2011 at the Dreams tulum as well hope to find out as much info as possible to make it all go smmoooth