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  1. I'm getting married on April 18, 2011 and I have yet to hear from the new wedding coordinator as well. I have also not received a contact from them.
  2. Hi Lynsie, It's such a small world, I just realized that you went to school (Father Leo Austin) with my fiance (Cory Wilson). Congrats on moving your wedding to Punta Cana, we are actually looking at moving to that resort as well. If you could send me a copy of the letter you sent to Sunwing along with the contact info that would be great. Thanks Melissa (aka CCM)
  3. Lynfar, Are wedding is scheduled for April 18 at GSP. I was wondering if your wedding was also at GSP and when you changed to Punta Cana did you have to pay and difference in your fares or did they do a straight transfer? Also were you able to get back your deposit from the hotel for the wedding? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  4. We have booked our wedding for April 18, 2011 at the Grand Sunset Princess. Our invitations have been sent out and we are just waiting for the responses to come in.
  5. The Thai restaurant is $45 per adult and $25 per child. April 12 at 11 am sounds like a great day for a wedding, I'm sure you will be happy with whatever time you choose which is all that matters. We are going with the gazebo it looks really nice, what are you choosing? The only info I have given the coordinator is the registration form filled out with our travel dates, date of wedding, time of wedding and the deposit. I need to pick our flowers and reception location next. I don't have the price list for 2011 yet, I'm going to confirm with the coordinator whether I am locked into the 2010 prices since I have put a deposit down already. This site does have a lot of info for this hotel and it helped me choose it.
  6. Kristy - we're thinking of doing the semi-private Thai Beach reception. What are you thinking of doing? I have been dealing with the hotel directly and just sent in our deposit on Friday so we are set to get married on April 18 at 3 pm
  7. What favour of cake did everyone choose for their wedding? Can anybody tell me whether the Tropical Fruits and Smoothie Milk cake was good? Also, when do you pick our your cake. Thanks for the help.
  8. Hi Kristy, I'm just about to book the same resort for my wedding the following week. I've heard that it is an amazing resort and looks really great. Could you tell me how long it took to hear back with confirmation of your date once you submitted your deposit? Thanks and congrats.
  9. What is the better time for a wedding in the gazebo, 2 pm or 3 pm? We are planning to have our reception in the Thai Beach Club (semi-private) and I think that starts at 6 pm.
  10. Can somebody tell me how much it costs for the private beach reception? Also are kids only charged half priced? Thanks
  11. I'm currently planning a May 2011 wedding at NH and would love to receive any information anybody has.
  12. Does anyone have any information regarding their wedding packages for 2010-2011?
  13. Thanks Siobhan for sending me your pics, they were great. If anybody has the price list for the wedding packages and extras could you please email them to me at melissalaundry@hotmail.com thanks
  14. Chevy 14 could you also send me your pics. My addy is melissalaundry@hotmail.com Thanks
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