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  1. One more thing - the Royal is crowded. We had a ton of people checking out our 3pm wedding. It was nice to get away from that (and all of our guests) and enjoy a few more serene settings..
  2. I think going off-site was one of the best decisions we made for our photography (besides hiring Nate, of course!). Our pictures turned out truly unique, and we will always remember the experience of walking through Playa del Carmen looking for creative places to get good photos. Case in point: my husband and I were walking around with Nate when my husband spotted this beautiful purple tree that looked like it was growing out of the side of a building. He pointed it out to Nate, we took some photos, and now whenever he looks at those photos (like the one above), my husband reminds me that that was "his" tree. :-) My only regret is that we didn't do a morning after trash the dress...
  3. And frick, how many posts do I have to make before I'm not a Newbie anymore????? My wedding's over and I'm still a noob!! Lol
  4. Hey ladies, I have been back for about a week, but yesterday was my first day back to work which sucked big time! I want to go back! The Royal was perfect! The service was phenomenal, the food was great (especially at Maria Marie and Asiana), and all of our guests had a fantastic time. Although our wedding was small (only 25), we had lots of great times (and the pics to prove it - lol). A couple of things: Don't worry about the weather forecast before you get there. It had actually forecasted rain the whole time we were supposed to be there, and the only time it did rain was the first day for 10 minutes. Otherwise it was beautiful. No need to stress about it. We added several guests after we got there (last minute people that decided to go), and it was no problem. I just paid the additional fee the day before the wedding when I met with my WC Denys. No sweat. Just make sure you let your bank know you're going to be in Mexico, otherwise your debit may get declined like mine did the first time. :-) We felt super safe the whole time we were there. We had read that worrying about crime in the border towns is like worrying about a crime wave in Chicago when you're vacationing in Key West. It's so far removed from the violent areas that it really isn't an issue. Although my husband's mother didn't go because she's terrified of Mexico, she really would have had nothing to worry about. Nate Broshot (that's his professional name) was the most amazing photographer, and he's way less expensive than the least expensive photographer we found in Playa. He was one of the best parts of the wedding. Check out my review on him in the vendor thread. All in all, it was the best vacation ever. I even met Randi, although when I met her by chance at the Asiana bar I didn't realize she was on the forum. We still did shots, though! :-) Glad to hear her wedding went amazingly well also - she got married after we left. Let me know if you guys have any questions - we were on a pretty tight budget, and we certainly found ways around some of their fees. :-) Kerri (the new Mrs. Morgan!!)
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  6. Wow Jess - you look smokin hot! If we weren't planning to get pregnant soon after the wedding, I'd totally do my own! Just had my last day of work today - we leave on Tuesday!! So excited, yet so much to do! And for those of you looking for cute bridesmaid bags, the Gap has these super dark denim totes with just the word "Love" embroidered on them. They're on sale for like $12 (they were $34!), and they're awesome. It's something they could definitely use again, because it's not all wedding-ish. Bought them for my MOH and my mom. Lol and me. :-)
  7. OMG I leave in a week and I have so much to do! Thanks ladies for the recommendations for El Bistro - we're totally doing our rehearsal dinner there. Now I just have to pick up my dress, finish the favors, and figure out our wedding music - all while recovering from my bachelorette party over the weekend...Ugh...
  8. I'd love a name an email, if you have it. I've emailed them, but I know others have had issues just using the contact form on the website. Thanks!
  9. Hey ladies - question for you: We just found out that my fiance's dad would like to throw us some sort of dinner the night before the wedding. He is not staying at the Royal, and we want to explore all of our options. We'd like to keep the price "reasonable," as in under $700 for 15ish people (not incl. drinks). Are any of you doing this sort of thing at the resort? Do you know what they would charge? Or do you have any suggestions as to where we could go off-site? Any ideas you all may have would be appreciated. I need to get on it quick, because the wedding is 2 weeks away. :-) Thanks! Kerri
  10. Thanks for all the dress code info! I think the big concern for the guys is wearing shoes vs sandals - they would rather rock the linen pants and sandals instead of jeans...
  11. Hey ladies, I have a question for those who have done a Royal site visit - on their website it says that the dress code for restaurants means no shorts or sandals for men. Is this enforced? My fiance and my MOH's fiance will be pretty bummed to actually have to put shoes on whilw we're there... Thanks for any help you might be able to give... Kerri
  12. Â Thanks! So then are you guys adding whatever else you'd like (private reception, cocktail reception, etc.) a la carte? So many options!! I thought I had everything figured out, but now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed... Â
  13. So what does the "Free package" include? I may look into this option if the free package has what we need... Â
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