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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jennypenny23 sunchick31- That sounds awesome!!! Did you play music from your ipod? And did they provide speakers?? We weren't sure what kind of equipment they had so we just burned a couple CD's. They did play them on the speakers and the DJ actually asked to keep the CD's. He had to leave just before 11pm because he was the DJ for the disco as well so he played the rest of our songs for us at the disco! (the regular music at the disco kinda sucks on a regular night).
  2. The resort bar is quite a distance away from the gazebo. But for $15/person, the bartender had everything our guests could want & more. It was well worth the money! My husband was even behind the table mixing the drinks himself as well as some of his buddies LOL. It was awesome!
  3. So I've just returned from our wedding at GBP and this place is absolutely amazing! I am so sad that it's over because I would go back and do it again in a heartbeat! Beverly, the WC, is amazing and an absolute sweetheart! She took care of everything for us! The day couldn't have been more perfect and it's all thanks to her! We had a beautiful, sunny day and she was there with us every step of the way. We had our supper at the Grill Restaurant & the food was delicious! Everyone loved it! We also decided on the reception in the Gazebo where we got married and I would highly recommend that! It is definitely worth it! We brought all of our own music and had the place rockin'! All of our guests said it was the best wedding they have ever attended. I will recommend bringing your own photographer if possible. We didn't do that but luckily we had a few friends with professional cameras. I would have been rather upset if we didn't as the resort photographer didn't show up until the ceremony was over and then he only spent maybe a half hour with us! Luckily we also had a friend with a video camera who captured all our special moments. This resort is absolutely beautiful & spotless! Our room was overlooking the pool & the ocean as were most of our wedding guests' rooms. We couldn't have gotten better treatment! All in all, I would recommend this resort to anyone who is looking for a place to get married! I was so sad to leave it & cannot wait to return for our anniversary. Good Luck to all you future GBP brides! You are in for a treat!
  4. I'll definitely keep you guys posted. I wish i had found this website sooner .
  5. Wow! your pics are amazing Kerri! I have less than 3 weeks to go and I'm so excited to see some pics of your special day! Congrats!!