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    Puerto Rico Bride here to help!

    La Concha is the most updated. It has a great banquet room that is high up overlooking the ocean and also has a balcony area where guests can have a cocktail hour prior to the reception. I've never been to the Intercontinental.
  2. kcbride

    Puerto Rico Bride here to help!

    We decided to have the reception at Perla Restaurant--it's at La Concha Hotel.
  3. kcbride

    Puerto Rico Bride here to help!

    Thank you for the info! I will check out those websites. I have heard mixed things about the Gallery Inn. The Casa Espana does look beautiful from the picture. I am going to find more information about them. Thanks again.
  4. kcbride

    Puerto Rico Bride here to help!

    We are going to have our ceremony in a church but we're looking for a reception venue for the party after the ceremony (for 60+ guests, dinner/cocktails/dancing). We are going to be in San Juan in May to look at some options. Do you have any suggestions? The place I keep on seeing is the Hotel El Convento, which seems kind of expensive. We would like to either have it in Old San Juan, or someplace on the beach, or at least with an ocean view, but where we have the option of having it partly inside and outside. I haven't heard of the beach club you mentioned. We haven't decided on a hotel for our guests yet, but we will probably have the rehearsal dinner there, and so we're looking at having the wedding reception someplace different, since the wedding isn't going to be at the hotel anyways.
  5. kcbride

    Puerto Rico Bride here to help!

    Hi, Did you get married in San Juan? We are planning a destination wedding in San Juan next year and are just begining the planning process. Do you have any suggestions for a wedding reception venue, perhaps someplace in Old San Juan? We are planning to visit fairly soon to check out some places. Our guests will probably be staying at one of the large beach resorts or hotels, and we are thinking about having the rehearsal dinner there, but the wedding and ceremony in Old San Juan. Any tips or suggestions are much welcomed! Thanks!
  6. kcbride

    Newbie! Puerto Rico wedding!

    Hi, Did you find a beachfront house? I am planning a wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico and am looking for the same thing. So far I haven't found anything that's not too far from the airport and close to the hotels in the area. I've contacted a few real estate companies, but they don't specialize in vacation home rentals. I think that most of the vacation beachfront homes must be further away, in Rincon.
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    Hello-Puerto Rico Bride

    1. V 2. January or February 2011 3. San Juan, Puerto Rico