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  1. What is the weather like in Jamaica in October?
  2. I'll be at the Palladium our wedding is on the 2nd! See you there!
  3. sorry but I have one more question the t-shirts that the guys were wearing and the tanks that the girls were wearing was that a diy or did you order them?
  4. Also we're doing a dinner after the ceramony... which restaurant would you suggest? We need to chose 1 appetizer, soup, and desert and 2 entrees.
  5. Thank you for this amazing review... I'm getting married in October at the GPJ! How did you make your boutonnieres I thought those were really cute! Also we are getting married on the resort so you might not have the answer to this but it would be neat to make the fans... how did you know how the wedding procession was going to go in advance? And how did you make the fans?
  6. Can you please add this to your list? User Name:christina39 Name: Christina and Bryan Location: Grand Palladium Resort and Spa Wedding: Oct 2, 2010 @ 12 PM in JA: 9/28/09 - 10/7/10
  7. thanks! This was very helpful considering I had no clue what OOT, TTD or MOTM was!
  8. Our wedding date is October 2nd 2010 at the Grand Palladium Resort and Spa in Jamaica!
  9. Petals, I have a question as far as the wedding program. How did you know what to put on it without having met with the wedding coordinator? I still don't know exactly what is going on as far as the reception goes...Do you think it was worth it to have a semi private reception? I'm not sure if our budget will permit us to do so. Phylica has told me that we have to have it private if there are more than 20 guests. Thank you, Christina
  10. Hi everyone! My name is Christina and my fiance and I are getting married October 2nd! I have a couple questions that hopefully someone will be able to answer... Phylicia told me that if I have a party over 20 attending the wedding then the dinner must be reserved at one of the 'secluded' locations (Blue Lagoon or the Poseidon) Has anyone else heard this. I'm having a party of 20-25 attend but I'm not sure if I want to have a reception. The dj is out of our budget and I feel it pointless to pay for speaker/microphone. My wedding is at noon and I need to reserve the spa what time would someone reccomend? Are there any brides getting married in October? Thanks all and I'm glad to have joined! Christina
  11. Hi all! My name is Christina my wedding date is October 2nd at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica!
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