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  1. These are great! How did you get the stickers for the bottles? and are the interlocking hearts a charm that is attached to the blue ribbon or are they part of the bottle?
  2. Jenn, Thank you for posting such a thorough review... when I read reviews like this it makes me feel that much more confident in choosing Dreams for my wedding! Where did you have your reception? What food did you have at the cocktail party?
  3. briheath28

    Engaged, now a DREAMS question!

    It usually takes at least 4-5 days to hear back each time I send a new e-mail! Congrats! I am getting married at Dreams on June 18, 2011! I just sent in my deposit today!
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    Hi everybody! I am recently engaged and looking to have my wedding in Mexico some time next summer (2011). I can already tell that this forum is going to be very useful for getting good ideas and helping to make decisions! If anyone has any suggestions for great places to get married in Mexico I would love to hear them. Dreams seems to be very popular!