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  1. Yep this is a huge problem. Folks will have difficulty getting in and out of Nuevo Vallarta. My friend owns a Panga in Nuevo, and she's been shuttling people by water taxi to get to the airport.
  2. I'm getting married in November in a small town in Mexico. We're just doing travel arangements now, and admittedly this hasn't happened to us yet. I don't see the problem with guests inviting friends to stay at the resort, or in my case in the town at the same time. They wouldn't need to be invited to the actual wedding. I view it that these folks have travelled a long way to be with us, but we just get one day. Not the whole week. it is probably the only vacation people will get in a year. I'm just honoured that they're choosing to spend *part* of it celebrating with us.
  3. You mean Casa Ladera? It's really nice. We've stayed there before, yes. We've rented that house twice. We'll be staying close to there. The house only sleeps 4 I think. The casita above sleeps two. I think there are photos at sanpanchorentals.com.
  4. Hi again all, someone asked me ages ago where I'm getting married. It's a small (very small) town north of PV called San Pancho. We're basically set except I'd like to have a photographer from MX. My brother-in-law is a great photographer but we're not sure if he'll be able to make it. Time does fly, doesn't it?
  5. Good idea might be to take*one* with her in them, you don't have to order prints of it. That way you've taken the high road, and you don't have to look at her in photos, ever.
  6. Me too. My fiance and I are arriving 4 days ahead of the guests, probably on a Saturday. Mostly everyone arrives on Wed, and we'll get married on the Saturday. Then everyone leaves the following Wed, and we'll come home on the following Sunday. A few days before and after the big event.
  7. Hi all--sorry late getting back to this thread. Yes, I knew Las Caletas sounded familiar. It's a beautiful location, I've been there by boat. San Pancho is a small fishing village north of PV, North of Bucerias, and North of Sayulita. Its only got a few hundred people living there. It's very quaint, and everyone knows us there. November 13 date twins! 13 is a lucky number in latin america, btw.
  8. The wedding requirements vary alot between states in Mexico. There are some that even require a chest xray. Definitely check with the consulate for each state, I'd probably not rely on the WC for the resort you're at. Unless you really, really trust him/her.
  9. Gift bag for her, for sure. How nice of you to think of her! Have a great time!!
  10. I'm going to join YI weddings up there on the high road. Yes, sucky for you not to get an invite. Don't stoop to their level. Just get a small gift for them. Then enjoy being the better person. : ) Enjoy your day!
  11. I agree with Cristinimartini, invite him, and then the ball's in his court. I do not think you have to invite his kids though. Thank god for your stepdad! Yay stepdad!!
  12. I don't think theres a way to ask for only money as a wedding gift. I definitely wouldn't put it on my invites. I really feel that with a DW, gifts are overkill, and I'd really discourage any gifts at all. I agree with pp, that maybe doing a teensy registry for upgrades to the stuff we have. Better yet, I'm thinking of a donation to the charity of the guest's choice. NOT on the invite, just by word of mouth. I just don't think it's good etiquette to refer to gifts at all on the invitation.
  13. Hi all--I'm getting married Nov 13th in a small town just north of Puerto Vallarta. Mhabas, I noticed you're going to be at Las Caletas. Is that the surf beach near Chacala or a hotel?
  14. Wow that really sucks. No definitely do not invite them to the wedding. They also don't have a right to attend wedding-related activities such as rehearsal dinner etc. that are being hosted in your honour. You can't keep them out of Vegas though, sadly.
  15. Hey welcome! I`m a Vancouverite (actually North Van) who just joined yesterday. I`m getting married in Mexico in Nov, 2010.
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