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  1. Dimax!!!!! We had so much fun that day partying in the pool! The last thing I remember was my sister carrying you around in the pool! Haha. We are a crazy bunch for sure. I'm so happy about the way things turned out, our guests are still talking about the wedding and the trip. Hope you had a blast!
  2. JoZee 84, Our room assignment was suite 740, it was supposed to be an ocean view room but it was pretty far from the ocean so unless you get an oceanfront room you will be directly by the beach. We were in the new section (quite pool) area which on some days was more rowdy then the main pool- you have your own bar (El mediterriano) the restaurant and the coffee house. I really liked the location of our room, it was tucked away from everything but yet you had everything you needed right there. The resort is not big, its spread out really nice so wherever you go you are close to everything. The gazebo is closer to the ocean. Hope this helpse
  3. My Wedding Review: Hello Ladies, I was recently married at the RPDC- May 18th, 2011. Here is my review on the resort, Check in: The staff at this resort is amazing, as soon as you step into the lobby there is someone there to greet you, they immediately escort you to the Romance Concierge where you check in, get you room and go over the different restaurants etc. I am going to warn you, do not go expecting you will be upgraded because I did and we were not upgraded so I was a little disappointed with this. Our room was beautiful and big- we had the Royal Master One Bedroom Suite- Beautiful! We travelled with a lot of people who travelled the world and some of them were not too pleased with the food, They did go into Playa to have dinner a few nights- Personally The Asiana restaurant was everyones favourite place to eat so make sure your guests check this out. We did eat at chefs table because of our room category and this too was great. Some of the guests did get sick from Maria Marie. So overall I would give the food a B-. Drinks: Great selection, they can make you just about anything. They do not garnish the drinks like they would if you were at Margaritaville but I didn't hear anyone complain about this. I would give the drinks an A! Wedding: We had Deny's- One word: Amazing~ she is so cute! She takes care of everything, we went in with 3 suitcases full of decor and props and she said to leave it all with her!, everything for our setup was 100%! We did pelicanos beach for our ceremony, cocktail and reception- if you are getting married on the beach do not do Central- it is not private at all and you have an audience- with pelicanos the only people you will get are off to the side on the pier- but you don't t even notice them and you don't care. We purchased the lounge furniture which really makes for a nice set up, we used DJ Mannia and the light up dance floor- we also purchased an extra hour for the reception, If your budget allows you to do all of these, then you really should. People are still talking about our MC from DJ Mannia, he was the highlight of our wedding, really! I would hands down give our wedding A+!!! With our wedding package we had included dinner on the beach the night after the wedding, again if you have this, please use it, it is so romantic and you will need a break from the group for one night so it's a great excuse to just be alone with your new husband. I loved this dinner and the set up, our server was amazing! A+ The only piece of advice I have is to trust the staff at the royal and your WC, they know what they are doing, as they do 3-4 a day on average. They are so professional and really go the extra mile to make your day perfect. If you have the option to have your ceremony video taped then do this, we are kicking ourselves for not capturing a video of our day My other piece of advice, don't stress!!! I was so nervous for my wedding, after it was over, I was like "well that was easy", you have no idea what your will be like the day of your wedding so try to just sit back and relax! In fact, I wish we could do it again Have fun, your guests will love this resort, it is top notch and the service cannot be beat!!! Our guests had a blast. There were friendships made between guests that did not know each other prior to this trip and they will continue to keep in touch! Good Luck to all future brides- You won't be disappointed!!
  4. Hey Ladies, I have some questions regarding Makeup!! I was wanting to go to the M-A-C store on 5th ave to have my makeup done day of the wedding. I called the number that is on M-A-C's website and I just get a recorded message in Spanish.. Does anyone know if this service is even provided or know of any M-A-C makeup artists I could get in touch with. Thanks a bunch!! 3 weeks to go !!!!!
  5. Hi Ladies, I was wondering if you could help me out.. Does the royal provide any type of centerpieces for the table with any of the packages? We are going with the Eternal Romance package! Also some people mentioned they bought linens for the tables..I thought this type of stuff was taken care of if you purchased a package...anyways. I know they do not provide table runners and colored sashes for chairs but for the reception do they cover the tables and head table with white linen? Thanks so much!!!
  6. Hi Ladies, I'm getting married on May 18th, 2011. Ok I am super confused..and have yet to hear about an extra charge for having your wedding reception on the beach, as h&a mentioned in an earlier post. Where are all these extra charges coming from? I am getting frustrated and annoyed that one WC will tell one bride its a certain price and then another bride a different $. Anywho, it's getting close for me and we are on a strict budget and were never told about the extra charge pp for beach reception! HELP
  7. Can anyone tell me some info on the Tres Leche Cake..I have seen a lot of brides on here talk about it, but have never came across on the website for the Royal??
  8. Hey Everyone! My FI and I are getting married at the Royal May 18th. We can't wait! It isn't long now and all the final details are coming together. I just had a few questions about a few things, especially for those who are very near their big day, and for those who have already had the most amazing day of their life!! We are from Calgary, and we are curious about the documents for the wedding. Our WC is telling us we don't need any documents translated into Spanish, and apostilled (sp?), we just need our passports and customs card. This makes me nervous! I don't want to get there and have them say we can't get married!!! Also, has anyone else found out that the DJ's have increased their prices? We found out that it's another $150 for his services!! I feel that it's crazy to have it jacked up, especially that we already booked him, so why the increase in price now?? Grr... Any tips for the reception on the beach? (in front of Pelicano's). Did people have problems with wind?? Thanks for all the great ideas! This web site helps out with so much!!
  9. First off, I just want to say thank you all so much for the great info. This forum, especially this thread is such a valuable resource. Me and soon to be hubby are getting married May 18th at the RPDC. We are getting married on the beach at sunset, but we are very indecisive about our reception location. We have it booked at the beach in front of Pelicanos. My only worry about this is that it will be windy. Can anyone comment on this?? What would be the best thing to do? Keep it on the beach, or go for the court yard?? Thanks for the info ladies!!!! Leaving for Playa 4 months today!!
  10. Hi, I'm in the middle of planning our reception for our wedding at the Royal (May 18th, 2011)- I am torn between using the Royal's DJ or hiring a Dj offsite- the prices seem pretty comparable...I want to go with someone who is going to be amazing!!! Does anyone have any advice on what to do regarding this situation? Thanks xoxo
  11. Hey everyone. My Fiance and I are wanting to get married in Playa at the end of Next April, but we're having problems with picking a resort. Some resorts have some aspects that we like/want, but are lacking that "that's the one!" factor. We've been looking through the forums and it's been very helpful! If anyone has any ideas or advice, it would be greatly appreciated!!
  12. Hi, I'm in the process of trying to pick a resort and it's sooooo hard!! I'm struggling with Adults only vs Family. I really love Royal and understand Gran porto real is the sister resort. Has anyone been married at royal and had some guests at porto real and was this ok for everyone.. I feel lost at this point and its less than a year away..Yikes! Happy planning to all 2011 brides
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