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  1. I used Diana Campbell from Digital Memories and was happy with what I got. They're very affordable and very friendly. I suppose it depends in the person you are. I personally don't care if we had the same pictures as other couples, I'm going to be looking at my pictures not theirs. They took the pictures we wanted at the locations we wanted. They took us themselves to the lighthouse and then to the Mayfield Falls for more pictures. We love the friendly feeling that we get from the people of Jamaica every time we go and we got this from them. Not upright photographers. We are a laid back couple that wanted nice pictures for a reasonable price. If that fits you then you should do it!
  2. Lol, thats what my maid of honor said. She decided that one of her roles is to sneak her into my room before or at least an hour before. I only have contact information for my wedding coordinator. Shes been very helpful with everything else so since she said no to this I assume its kinda a big deal. I just don't understand why.
  3. I am getting married at RIU Tropical Bay Palace. I have to pay a vendors fee because I am using my own photographer and not the one at the resort. I have no problem paying the fee but the package that I bought includes the photographer coming as of me getting ready (hair, makeup, putting the dress on). When I spoke to the WC she told me that the photographer is only allowed to come 1 hour before the ceremony begins and is NOT allowed to go into guests room. When I asked why, there was no explanation. Anyone know a possible reason? I can deal with getting there an hour before, but now I can't have pictures of my wedding dress on a hanger, me getting zipped up putting my dress on because she can't come into me room? I don't understand why I have to pay a vendors fee but then my use of my vendor is limited.
  4. Hello, my name is Amy. I am getting married on July 16 in Jamaica at the RIU Tropical Bay Palace. I am very excited for this day, especially since I am marrying the my childhood sweetheart. We have been together since we were 13 years old and 14 years later they day is finally coming!
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