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  1. I used the resort photographer. I have all my professional pictures posted on facebook if you want to friend request me to look at them (Jackie Truesdell). I dont know how to put them on here. We loved our pictures. I had the Ultimate Wedding Package which included 50 photos of the ceremony. We added on the Bronze Package which was $500 in order to have posed pictures after the ceremony. We ended up paying $720 total to have all 100 pictures printed and put on a cd. Probably not the cheapest option but I was all about just dealing with the resort as our 1 vendor because that was easiest for my parents who were paying for it all.
  2. Another option: We had our rehearsal dinner at a restaurant called Jellyfish which was really cool. They provided transportation to and from the resort. On the way there we were provided with 2 shuttles and on the way back they gave us a coach bus. It was really fun and we had a cocktail hour with hors d'euvres on the beach right outside of the restaurant. They had chairs set up and dancing. Then we moved into the restaurant area for dinner. We gave everyone the choice of lobster or steak and both meals were amazing! This was hosted by my in-laws so I am not sure exactly how expensive it was but they did have an open bar too.
  3. Well luckily I am able to see the pictures and I have print outs from the resort. However it is still really annoying! Sorry I dont have pictures of the cake. I didn't really care too much about what it looked like. It definitely wasn't the most fancy looking wedding cake. However it was the best vanilla cake I have ever tasted in my life and I am not really a fan of cake at all.
  4. A tip for everyone: If you have your pictures done by the resort photographer and have the pictures put onto a cd make sure you get permission from them to reprint the pictures. Costco will not let me pick up our pictures without permission and my WC hasnt responded to me yet. I'm annoyed!
  5. Hi ladies! We only had 41 people and we used the Himitsu Terrace. I have a few pictures of the terrace with our tables set up if anyone is interested. The Himitsu Terrace gave us plenty of room for dancing, dj, cake table, etc.
  6. We went with the vanilla too and couldn't believe how good it actually was!
  7. I had the gold dinner menu. We had the romaine creole hearts of palm salad which was ok. We chose the lobster bisque which was pretty nasty. We had the beef medallions with shrimp which was pretty good. And the tiramisu which I heard was good. By the time the dessert came we were all up dancing and only a few people touched it. For the gold cocktail we chose the prosciutto canapes which I didn't have a chance to try, the sushi which is really small pieces but decent (I'm a sushi lover!), and cream cheese avocado rolls which I didn't have a chance to try either. We got the chicken taquitos for the hot choice and these were really really good. I heard this from many guests of how much they loved them. Hope this information helps!
  8. Hi All!! We are back from our awesome vacation!!!! Dreams PC was so much fun and all of our 40 guests had a great time. I did not get one complaint from anyone. We had the beach ceremony at 5pm with the reception on the Himitsu Terrace. The whole day was cloudy but the sun broke through about a half hour before the ceremony. The day of the wedding was probably the worst day for weather. Every other day was beautiful. The professional pictures by the resort photographer turned out great!!! They edit the pictures really well. Our photo shoot lasted about 20 minutes and we were able to attend the rest of the cocktail hour. The photo shop called us at about 10am the morning after the wedding and said the pictures were ready already! Also we booked the DJ through the resort and they use DJ Mannia for that. The DJ did a pretty good job. If he was playing music I didn't like I just went up to him and asked for a different direction. Everything was so awesome and we don't have any regrets. My wedding coordinator was Carolina and she really did an amazing job. I gave her a bunch of decorations for the reception and explained how I wanted it all placed. She let me go look at the tables at 3:30 the day of the wedding. I was speechless! I couldn't have done a better job on the placement of everything. Anyway I will work on the complete review this week on every little detail. In the meantime if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask! Jackie
  9. Hi girls! I'm leaving today for my wedding on Saturday!!! I'll report back with as much information as possible upon my return!!!!! WOOOO hOOOOOOO cant wait to get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I emailed my information as well. I got a little nervous about it after I clicked send. Luckily no sort of fraud has resulted from it. Also, it took them a year to charge our card. I sent the information in at the beginning of November 2009. I finally told the WC a few weeks ago that we want the card charged before we arrive. So I think it was finally done.
  11. Does anyone happen to have email addresses for the front office manager or director of rooms? We are arriving to DPC next week. My fiance works in the hotel industry and wanted to contact them prior to arrival to set some things up. Also a bride who recently got married at DPC posted a ton of pictures on the Dreams Punta Cana Brides Facebook page. She has pictures of her ceremony at the Gazebo, professional beach shots and of her reception on the Himitsu Terrace.
  12. Some girl just posted on the FB page the other day this "If anyone is going to have their hair, make up done at the resort, Ywaleska is the lady to ask for she is amazing, she did the hair and make up for my wedding party and she made sure all the other girls did a good job too, she told them to stop and redo the bits that were'nt perfect, she is definaltley the lady to ask for xxx"
  13. I am getting married 3 weeks from Saturday and we are having our reception on the Himitsu Terrace. I will be sure to share pictures so you can have a better idea.
  14. Ya I think I am going to have music ready on my ipod but try and negotiate the Trio for the ceremony. We also may just suck it up and pay the extra $250. We chose the Ultimate Wedding Package because it offered so much but the closer it gets to the wedding the more stuff I need to add on. It's such BS!
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