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  1. Godfrey if my florist too and he has been a gem! I can't tell you how many time I have spoken to him! I can't say enough good things about him! BOOK him ladies!
  2. Tiffany, Congrats ahead of time. Like I said to La Toya, I can't wait to hear all about it! Have a blast!!!! -Yolanda
  3. Susan, What rate did your guest get? Just curious, when my TA tried to get something for free they wouldn't budge! She's actually pretty pissed and is thinking about not recommending Iberostar to anyone. I have 48 people coming with all the rooms except two staying at the Grand. You lucked out!
  4. Hey R - yeah but what about music for the reception? What are you planning to do?
  5. Beach Bum We were supposed to have an automatic upgrade because we booked so many rooms, but as of last week, we lost 4 rooms. So, now we're in the same room catergory as our guests and if we want to upgrade it's going to cost us an additional $859!!! We're on the fence, on whether or not to pay that additional expense. The free upgrade to an ocean front room is only available upon request....which blows! I too inquired how other brides are getting free cocktails and such. My WC at the Grand had no clue what I was talking about. When I mentioned it to my travel agent, she said that certain travel agents will figure out how much it would cost for a cocktail hour and add that to the rate. So, people don't even realize they're paying it. I mean if I knew I could have done that, I would have added another $30 per person to the room rate. *smiles* Who would have known besides, me and the travel agent. A lesson learned! Good luck
  6. Ladies where are you purchasing the travel items for your bags. Im trying to find sun block, immodium tablets, etc and CVS, walmart & target are like $1 a piece. I can't afford to pay that much for every item for 30 OOT bags...I'll be broke! Anyone know of a store where we can purchase online at bulk?
  7. Cleo - my group rate was $859 per person for 4 nights, this does not include air
  8. Sharan- your pictures were ABSOLUTELY amazing. What a wonderful week you must have had. I love how you celebrated all of your cultures and spiritual beliefs! I'm sure none of your guest will EVER forget your wedding! Congrats
  9. Jen, I just sent Janielle an email stating that another Grand bride was informed that the additional $20 per person for the package covered the cost covers the chairs, ceremony setup (arch), minister, cake and champagne for each person. Her response, "I've never told a bride that. Please check to ensure she's getting married at the Grand. May I ask, did Janielle tell you what the $20 includes via email or other communication? She told me Please note I have never at any point in any of our conversations said that was “ALLâ€the US$ 20 p/p was for. Ministers fee is not included in the US$ 20 p/ p. Regarding your question, even if this is an all inclusive, the wedding is a private event that is not part of the all inclusive package. As a result, there is an additional $20USD charge for your guests to attend your wedding.The charge is for the service- (staff), setting (ceremony), and champagne. Here's the email: From: weddings.grand@iberostar.com.jm To: yolanda621@hotmail.com CC: connie@packyourbags-travel.com Subject: RE: Reception layout, bonfire & weekend questions Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 23:08:23 +0000 Hi Yolanda, Please sees below my responses in Blue. Janielle Feurtado Wedding Coordinator Coordinador de boda Iberostar Grand Rose Hall Teléfono +1 876 680 0000 Rose Hall Main Road, Montego Bay-Little River PO Ext. 5560 St. James, Jamaica Fax +1 876 953 8009 From: Yolanda Bostic [mailto:******@hotmail.com] Sent: Monday, August 08, 2011 12:25 To: Weddings Grand Cc: Connie Subject: Reception layout, bonfire & weekend questions Good Afternoon Janielle, I have a BUNCH of questions to ask ya lady! Here...we go: 1) Wedding package: I know it includes 2 - 10 people & when the group is larger then 10, there's an additional charge of $20 per person. My group is looking to be around 48-50 people max. I just wish to understand what the additional charge entails? The way I read and understood it, was that the addtional $20 allows my guest to everything that's listed on the $3,000 package. For example, they would be entitled to have a romantice dinner during their stay, a bottle of Freixenet or breakfast in bed? PLEASE CLARIFY!! Because if I'm wrong, I don't understand why we have to pay an additional charge for people who are paying guests at one of your resorts for 5 days? Hi Yolanda the wedding is not considered a part of the all inclusive package as a result extra staff will have to be brought in to work just for the event, also the hotel is willing to foot the cost to set up and provide service for 10 persons, so if you are going to have more guests you will have to pay an additional set up fee for the ceremony. Am I crazy or what? She said "as a result extra staff will have to be brought in to work just for the event...... you will have to pay an additional set up fee for the ceremony." Please ladies, if Im wrong, someone let a sister know! Thanks
  10. Ladies, one of the other brides that's getting married at one of the other two properties was told by her WC that SHE COULD NOT use another florist, her only option is Tai Florist! Is that insane or what? Just had to share that
  11. April Blossom - don't even give Tai Flora anymore of your time. You need to go on the Iberostar Brides thread on here and read all of the negative feedback. They're notorious for not returning calls and lack of communication in general. I hear there work is great but it's the BS that suck to get there!
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