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  1. Â Hi Ladies, Â Can someone please tell me the email address for Claudia? Â I have just tried to email her and received a failure report. Â Thank you Â
  2. Hi Ladies, This is a question for past Dreams Brides.....I got married on the 1st June this year and just wondered how long you all waited to receive your translated marriage certificate? I know Claudia said it could take up to 4 months, but just wondered, if you really did have to wait that long? Thanks J x
  3. Soooo.... have just returned from Dreams and had the most perfect and memorable wedding thanks to Claudia!..she was amazing, and so chilled out about everything. It was easy to change things. All the little things I was worried about before I went out seem very trivial, she totally took care of everything! If anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to answer J x
  4. I had this problem last year when deciding where to book, after lots of searching, i found that Dreams was the only one that didn't charge...the guests are not allowed to arrive more than an hour before, but it works out way cheaper than all the other hotels. Good luck! J x
  5. Hey Girls, Does anyone know if you can use your own speakers for the ceremony? We were planning on taking an IPOD and our own little speakers and askin my brother to play the songs etc....is this possible?? We have the dj for the evening, so it is just for the ceremony. Thanks J x
  6. Ah thanks for the advice, that help's alot! I get married on 1st June, its getting real close now...so had a few questions that you have answered for me!..thank you x
  7. Thank you! That help's alot I like that script, however,like you I would like to know what the original said...will email the WC , get married in 4 weeks..cant wait!...will let you know if i get any further J x
  8. Does any one know the script they use for the legal ceremony at Dreams Cancun? And are you allowed to change/add your own vows? Any help would be appreciated girls. Thanks J x
  9. Congratualtions!....Your pic's are lovely, and it sounded like you had a lovely day!..thank you for taking the time to write the review, it has helped a lot! I just have one question, you mentioned the DJ, did you organise this through the WC or direct with the DJ himself?! Thanks again!
  10. Thanks girls! Really appreciate your help.. I was in a terrible state earlier, really panicking....calmed down now! I think I have it all under control, need to get my birth certificate legalised, will send it off tomorrow, not too worried..I have already done my H2B and it was back the next day...fingers crossed. Thanks again J x
  11. Thanks Josie, Our hotel are doing that for us when we arrive...I think!...Ah I was so chilled out about everything,thinking it was under control, now I am panicking!
  12. I've just read that I need a : certificate of non impediment?? Ahhhh..i feel like crying I am so confused!
  13. I hope someone can help :-/ I am reading conflicting information regarding the doc's needed for my wedding in Mexico... can someone please confirm if the below info is correct: Valid 10 year passport Tourist Card Both birth certificates Anything I am missing anything? we are having a legal ceremony, neither of us have been married before or changed names We are from the UK. Please...I hope someone can help, I get married in 4 weeks!
  14. I know this is probably a long shot but does anyone know if the hotel has helium to fill up balloons? J x
  15. Hey Ladies, Thanks for posting the pics of the gazebo, I feel alot better, I think all your positive vibes are rubbing off on me!...I was in tears 2 days ago trying to change hotel, which wasn't that easy as I only have a couple of weeks before I go! Anyway, I am looking for some advice.please... I posted a few days ago asking about entertainment in the evening, and some of you were very helpful..thank you! I just want to hear what you are all doing after your wedding.. We are having a 5pm wedding followed by cocktail party follwed by meal until 10pm...... then what do we do?? We have the option to have a DJ/dance floor, but we only have 20 people going, and I think it could be a bit awkward and not much of an atmosphere.. any suggestions..please please share what your plans are? Thank you!
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