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  1. sorord1: Your ring is beautiful! I love the details in the band.
  2. Thanks, Danyelle and LadyTrunck, for your compliments! LadyTrunck: Here's how I took clear pictures. Hopefully it'll work for you, too! 1. Set your camera on to the macro setting (the setting that has the flower logo). 2. Zoom all the way out. 3. Take the picture on a white background. Dark backgrounds will blur the stone. 4. Make sure that most of the light source (use natural light) is behind your stone, which means that the light should be from the opposite direction of the camera's flash, instead of being from the same direction. Basically, the diamond should be sandwiched between your camera's flash and another light source. Lol. Try taking a picture indoor during the day, with your hand placed (with the ring on it) against the window, and take a picture. 6. Another way to take clear (and stylized! Lol) pictures of a diamond is to place it on something that has texture, like inside a flower; this will allow the camera to focus better.
  3. Here's mine. For years, I wanted a halo ring, but after seeing all of my friends and their mothers getting them, I suddenly started to miss seeing the solitaires. Lol. So, here is mine; I'm thinking of pairing it with a really blinged out band when the time comes.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by bsf&jpg MIMI83: Can you post a link? I really love the dress Sure! Here is the link to the dress: H1010 Wedding Dress Bridal Gown Custom Formal Lace Wear - eBay (item 130341928142 end time Jul-01-10 19:45:48 PDT) Here is the seller's store (just click on the "Bridalwear" link on the left): bridal gown items - Get great deals on weddingdress, Prom dress items on eBay Stores!
  5. Thanks, everyone! Bride2Be21: Yes! Originally, this was going to be the dress for my TTD session, but I think I'll just wear it to both my wedding and the TTD (that should save me a good amount of money. Lol).
  6. Okay, my long-awaited pics are here! I'm sorry for not having a picture of myself in the dress. I have just moved in with my fiance (which explains why the shower stall still needs to be cleaned), and I don't want him to see me in the dress until the wedding day (it's a surprise), so he doesn't even know what the dress looks like. Lol. Okay, so here is a quick recap and review: I got this dress from eBay seller on Cloudshow for what I think was only $135 with shipping included. It was custom made for me, and I received it from Shanghai to California within only 14 days or so. The fit was perfect, except for the bust, but only because they made the V-neckline a little bit conservative and not as cleavage-y as I would like (no lectures, please! It's a matter of personal preference. Lol). Also, when I gave them my bust measurement, it was a measurement WITH the bra on, but they must have assumed that I measured myself bra-less, so they added 2 inches; that's not a big deal, because I'm going to have the V-neckline altered anyway, and will get my bust taken in a little bit. A local seamstress that I found on Craigslist, who has over 30 years of experience, said that she'll do it for no more than $50. It's more important to me that the waist, hip, and length measurements are perfect (and they are!). Okay, on to the pictures! Just a few more notes: The ribbon is really not as shiny as it looks in the pics; I took the pictures with a point-and-shoot, so the flash was pretty severe. Also, in real life, the dress is NOT SHINY at all, which is what I prefer. It looks just like the official promo pics. I also told them NO BEADING (not my style). I am sorry for posting so many; my intention really is to be as helpful as possible. A recap: This is the dress that I asked them to make. See the plunging neckline? This is what I want. This is the whole dress that they sent me: I had to take this from a slight angle so I could get a full view. I love how the mermaid flare is gradual, instead of abrupt. Front bottom: It's not this shiny in real life. I love it so much. Front top: In real life, the lace 100% matches the color of the rest of the dress; it's just that the camera's flash altered the color balance a little. Also, the ribbon is not shiny at all, lol; it instead has a normal ribbon sheen. Back top: I'm disappointed that my camera couldn't capture how beautiful the lacework truly is. Everything was sewn on, too; NOTHING was glued. Back bottom: The train is full and fabulous in real life, just like in the official pic! So, here are the grades: Materials: A+. The bridal satin is so beautiful. I am very familiar with bridal fabric (my grandma was a tailor when she was still alive), and the satin of this dress really blows even the more expensive David's Bridal dresses out of the water. It doesn't feel cheap, thin, too heavy, or too light. Construction: A+. Very sturdy and professionally made. Seams are perfectly straight and perfect. The dress is lined, and the train has several layers. Made to measurements: A-. It fits perfectly everywhere, except at the bust, but you know...they made this dress without my presence, and without taking my measurements themselves, and they're only human. And, seriously, for $135 with shipping included for an almost perfect dress? I have no reason to complain. Lol. The seller, Sophia, was sooo nice and always answered my endless questions within 24 hours, with so much patience. She even threw in a free veil (which I don't think I'll use because I'm not a veil person, but it was nice of her. Lol).
  7. Jannae, you look amazing in the 2nd dress! I like the fit way better, at least in the picture. Lol. The 2nd dress does more for your tatas than the first one. Hahaha.
  8. Okay, my dress arrived almost a week ago (so the whole process from beginning to end took only 2 weeks!), but I have been visiting my parents and will not be seeing the dress until later this week. Personally, I am a nervous wreck, and I am scared to death. I cannot help but think of all ofthe worst case scenarios. Of course, I will post pictures when I get my hands on it! Lol.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Bride2Be21 How exciting! Keep us posted! I will! I chose the color ivory...hopefully it won't be champagne or something. Lol.
  10. Oh, my gosh, Cloudshow (the eBay seller who's making my dress) just messaged me to say that she has shipped out my dress today! I'm so nervous. There's going to be a lot of fervent praying going on from now until the dress arrives.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by nbuchan Anyone have any ideas on the best way to take out the creases from dresses that have been heavily packed? I received mine today, and it's lovely, but very creased. I think that you should go have it dry cleaned, or steamed.
  12. Since we're on the subject of weight loss, I just want to chime in and share with you guys what has worked for me. Back in December of 2009, I wore sizes 6 and 8. While that doesn't sound big, and on an average person, that would be nowhere near big. But, for my body type, I was extremely overweight because I'm very petite, and have very small bone structure/built (there are three bone sizes -- small, medium, and large, so a size 6 person with small bones would look totally different from a size 6 person with larger bones). Anyway, I was carrying so much excess fat on my body and extremely depressed. So, I started doing the "30 Day Shred" workout, and stopped eating food that were fried (grilled tastes better anyway), had high fructose corn syrup, high in fat, etc., and by March 2010, just 3 months later, I went from a 6/8 in women's sizes, to only 1/2 in Aeropostale jeans (and that brand runs small!). I'd recommend signing up for an account at sparkpeople.com and keep track of your meals there. If you do the "30 Days Shred," record it on Sparkpeople as "circuit training." Anyway, the workout is only 20-minute-long, so it goes by really quickly. Lol.
  13. MzMinze: I think your dress is beautiful! I know what you mean about that "band," though. It does look a bit odd and distracting.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust gianinar asks for that measurement too. I think they take it all into consideration. Like prettypigpig said. Thanks! That made me feel a bit better. Lol. Did you give gianinar your head-to-heel measurements with shoes on? I did, with my seller, so I'm just wondering. Mind you, it was only a 2-inch increase, but I'm curious. Lol.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by WretchedDeviant I found my bridesmaid dresses from Landy and they said they didn't cover customs charges which made me wonder how that exactly works, am I suddenly going to receive the dress with some weird fees attached to it? No, not if you live in America. Americans don't have to pay custom charges when receiving packages from outside of the country. Landy probably told you that for just in case. If you lived in another country, like Canada, for example, you would have to pay the custom charges, based on the value of the product you are receiving.
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