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  1. Hi! Getting married at Dreams Tulum on April 16th 2011... have a lot of reading to do on this forum!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by taranyc Hi Meggan. I know it's a very long distance call for you, but I've found that calling the wedding team directly always works. I hope you hear back soon!! I was originally booked at drc, but liked that dt offered me more privacy for my wedding. I'm not sure if things have changed, but when I did site tours in December 2009, the beach wedding area was right on top of other guests. Right on top. Xo, tt Hey tt, So great that you've seen both sites. And glad to hear that you are happy with the switch from drc to dt! And think its time to give them a call! Meggan
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by leighkarem ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS IT WAS PERFECT!!! DO NOT STRESS OVER ANYTHING..IT WILL ALL BE DONE WHEN YOU GET THERE AND ANA & JAZMIN WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN...I PROMISE! Forget about making table cards or buffet cards, your wasting your time. We did a mexican buffet on the deck in front of the infinity pool..it is by far the best choice..you will not be dissappointed. I was hesitant about the buffet but wilth 53 guests, it's the only choice. The mexican buffet is absolutely AWESOME and is not like the food in the mexican rest. It is sooo good and every one of my guests raved about it the entire trip. They make the buffet look awesome and lite it up with these big stars (free). I brought down fuschia table runners with beads on the end and they draped them across the round tables-it looked great! I actually left them all there so help yourself (ANA has them) I also brought about 30 white and 20 fuschia chair sashes (satin) and also left them down there for ANA to share with the other brides! PLEASE PLEASE DON'T STRESS! especially about the small stuff--your getting married at a beautiful, clean brand new resort on the ocean--you can't ask for much more of paradise than that! Ana barely responded to any of my emails/questions but believe me she will GET IT DONE--when you GET THERE! I applied the cocktail hour towards the dinner for 20 more guests so it was only 20/pp for guests 20-40. Then it was about 50/pp for the last 13 guests-still well worth it. you do ot need the cocktail hours because they set a bar up on the deck and everyone was just relaxing there and drinking while we did our pics. Then we had dinner. I had a friend of mine who's a DJ make me a mix of: 1 hour cocktail music (played on the deck while we were taking pictures) 2.5 hours dance music it was perfect..Don't hire a DJ-too expensive and the technician actually wanted my CD. (Ana only charged us $350 total for the technician for the ceremony 5:30 and reception 7p-10p so that was even better) I walked down to somewhere over the rainbow by israel, my 2 bridesmaids walked down to only time by enya and i played a few songs for when the guests were sitting down and waiting! We played better together by jack johnson for the recessional---IT WAS AWESOME! We wrote our own vows and everyone was crying including the photographer. Here is a link to a few pics i donwnloaded on snapfish- we used juan navarro which was part of the package because I requested him in Nov. He is AWESOME also. Definitely get the videographer too-well worth the $$! Snapfish: Share:Registration Leigh. Stunning photos. Thanks for the relaxing us and sharing your experiences. Looks magical and beautiful. Glad you are happy!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by mimi73 I sent a message through their website and through the email address, I'm not sure which one they responded from, but it was the next day. Sometimes the responses to questions take a couple of days, but they are never more than 3 days. I can live with that! Anita and Mimi(?), Thanks for the tips. Will try to be patient and will keep you posted.
  5. HI! I've just written to Dreams Tulum in hopes of booking an April 2011 wedding. Honestly, I'm frustrated at the lack of response from Dreams Riviera Cancun and this place looks great also. What is the average response time for the wedding coordinators here? (I still haven't heard back from the Riviera Cancun one after 3 wks!) You think they'd atleast get you to pay a deposit before deciding not to respond. ; ) Look forward to chatting with you all. This looks like a great website. Meggan
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by laine2009 Congratulations! I also had planned on getting married at Dreams Tulum. I had to switch directions because their prices went up about $570 per person for 2011 (our wedding date is March 4th 2011). Kinda bummed about that because it sounds like a great resort and there are soooo many good wedding reviews, I hope it goes well for you! Where did you choose instead? Just curious! Hope it is lovely AND affordable!
  7. HI! Welcome. I, too am considering Dreams Tulum for a April 2011 wedding. This site looks super helpful! -Meggan
  8. Hi Ladies, I could use some advice. We're trying to book an April 2011 wedding and are still waiting for the DRC wedding coordinator to even acknowledge our request. Its been 2-3 weeks and I'm starting to think that this resort doesn't want my business. I'm tempted to switch to Dreams Tulum because the wedding coordinator there emailed my TA back immediately when we were considering both. How are you all dealing with these delays? Advice on 'switching' to a seemingly more responsive location? Thanks! Meggan
  9. Hi Tara, Way to go! And just wondering... how long did it take for DRC to get back to you to confirm your date? We've been waiting 2-3 weeks and wondering if they don't really want my business! Good luck with the planning. Meggan
  10. Names: Meggan and Mark (this much I am sure...) Wedding date: mid-April 2011? Wedding location: Dreams Riviera Cancun? Looking forward to joining this forum!
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