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  1. Hi Sara, Pilar called me the other night and I asked her about the tables- she said you can sit 6-8 people at each table. That was for the circular ones, but I know the rectangular ones are bigger...I hope that helps! Mindy
  2. Hi Ladies! As a reminder, I am going to be at the NOW from Friday to Sunday this week and I am meeting with Pilar on Saturday, so send me a PM before Friday with any questions you would like me to get answered or if you would like me to take pictures of anything for you!! Mindy
  3. Hi Ladies! I am taking a planning trip to the Jade Jan. 14-16 to try to figure out where I want to have my reception. I had it reserved for the beach, but it is SO windy, and I am having second thoughts. If you would like me to take any pics of anything or get any questions answered for you since I will be meeting with Pilar, feel free to send me a PM and I will do my best to help you!!!
  4. Hi ladies! I am taking a planning trip jan. 14-16 because I cant decide which reception location I want! I have it booked for the beach but I am afraid it will be too windy! Send me a pm if you would like pics of anything or if you would like me to get any questions answered for you!
  5. I am trying to figure out the same thing. I have mine booked for the beach reception, but I am worried that it will be too windy. When my fiance and I were there, we had a private dinner on the beach, and the wind kept blowing out the tiki torches and it blew over the flower arrangement on the table. Let me know if you get any information on this!!
  6. We are also getting married on 6/11/11! We have the 5:00 wedding and our reception is on the beach...what time is yours?
  7. FINALLY!!! I just spoke to Pilar today and she sent me a massive 50 page booklet with all of the wedding information from cakes to flowers to the wedding to the reception. There are tons of pictures and pricing in this booklet too. Let me know if you would like me to email you a copy of it! Be sure to include your email address!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust Yeah, I am having my wedding at Dreams. I originally thought we were going to do the Sands, but it was to expensive. I just meant that we both go to the same timeshare group! But it's still exciting. I would look into moving your timeshare to June, because my FI's parents told me you couldn't move weeks within the same Timeshare, only trade to another. But, you guys could have different rules, especially since you have so many weeks. My philosophy on outside photographers is that they can't stop a guest from taking pictures, and our photographers are our guests. But Dreams is ok with that. The thing about outside guests, we are encouraging our guests to stay at Dreams, because it is all inclusive, so they are taken care of the whole time they are there. But, I have talked to other Dreams brides, and they say that if you have outside guests, they can come for the wedding and reception and not get charged a fee. You are better than me!!!! We can't order our STD's until we get our engagement photos, and we are trying to get them done next week, and THEN we have to put in the order. We are doing Vista print, which is mostly free (sign up there is you haven't yet.. it's awesome), but shipping is 21 days, so I might need to pay for more shipping. We want to send our STD postcards with our TA's travel packets, and she hasn't given us our second rates yet (they are supposed to come down after a while, and we are waiting). I can post my centerpieces later (I'm doing cylinder vases and rose petals with submersible lights in water, with shells scattered around.. dollar tree). And I hear you on expenses. Our 3k is still about the same for the wedding at Dreams, but throw in my outside photog, and my dress, the Bose ipod dock we got for our sound (we'd rather pay for that and keep it, instead of paying for a sound system, but we do get two hours sound system free, so we will use 1 for ceremony, and 1 for the dinner), the microphone to go with it, my TTD (which is really cheap, but still), our OOT bags (dollar tree again!!), and everything else that I can't think of, it will be closer to 10K if not over, and that's not our travel and hotel... oh well, still cheaper than having it at home. And our photographer expense covers two photogs, for two days of shooting, the rights to our photos, and a 4x6 of all photos taken in a leather box. But we have to pay for their travel too. Our colors are Red, White, and Sand. I should post my logo. Wow, I should be a published author by now! Forgot to say, I'm also in my Master's program to become a teacher! Another similarity! OMG! I got beach bags from the Dollar Tree too!!! I live in Chicago and I bought out 3 different stores since we are having about 80 guests. I was just in there on Sunday and they have sunscreen and aloe sunburn lotion and I bought them out of those too!!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Crystal1880 So does anybody have their dress yet? I just got my dress last weekend! It is a couture design from Private Label by G. I look unbelievable in it, but it was like the 6th dress I tried on, and I feel like I should have went to more stores and tried on more dresses for the "experience" of it all!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust Not yet, thinking of getting engagement photos done on our site visit next month and making an STD out of it. Any one else? I am getting married at the NOW Jade in Riviera Maya on 6/11/11 and when we were there in April, we got our engagement photos taken and then put them on a save the date! I just sent out the save the dates last week and everyone is LOVING them! They came from magnetstreet.com and were inexpensive. I can get you more info if you want to send me a message
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