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  1. Pictures of our Wedding are now on Liam's blog - second one down, more photos to be added later. His work is amazing and he did the most incredible job at our wedding at the Riu Ocho Rios. Visit www.appleheadstudio.com and scroll down to Mirelle & James or under categories browse Destination Weddings. p.s. in the last photos I was doing the worm and didnt just trip :0 Mirelle
  2. Hi Liam, I was wondering about that. I couldn't get on there all day. But I found your twitter feed that said it was down as well. I had sent you an e-mail so hopefully you will get it later tonight. Mirelle
  3. Hi Everyone, I am getting married at the Riu Ocho Rios on March 16th of 2011 (will be there from the 12th -19th) and have been looking for a great photographer that was perfect for our Wedding. My sister got married in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Thanksgiving weekend this year and I absolutely fell in love with hers. So, I have asked Liam Hennessey from AppleHead Studio to come down and shoot for our Wedding. He is AMAZING! But its also a very long way to shoot one wedding and he is super busy, so if anyone was looking for someone that same week you should contact Liam if you are having trouble finding anyone. I have searched a lot and the chemistry was missing with others. Here is a link to his website...he is the most down to earth, easy to work with, talented artists I have seen. http://www.appleheadstudiophotography.com/ http://www.appleheadstudio.com/ I think it would be a shame not to share him with anyone. He is so quick to reply and makes everything all about you and what you want...plus he takes the most beautiful pictures. . Happy planning everyone! Mirelle
  4. Hi! Thanks for all the great info! I have called there once and understand your frustration. I will definitly use your suggestion for flowers as well. Although we are having Destination Weddings, its still nice to plan things. I know I am going to be dealing with the same thing, but you have given me more information than I know I could get out of them. I wish you the very best at your Wedding. I am sure it will be beautiful and I would love to see pictures. Thank you again on behalf of all of us trying to plan at this resort. You have made our lives easier so I really appreciate your input. Thanks again, good luck, and all the best for you two! Mirelle
  5. Hi! Â I have decided I want fresh flowers so if it means buying them on my own in town, I will do that. I have not found a photographer yet and I am a little worried...how about you? Â Mirelle
  6. Thank you! I think I made the right choice....its so hard when there is so many! Â Mirelle
  7. Thank you so much for the feedback. I think I will just search out some options online and see what I come up with. The private poolside would be beautiful. When is your wedding? Â Mirelle Â
  8. Hi everyone!  So we are all booked for our Wedding on March 16th, 2011. Only 7 months left....yikes! I am just looking for some advice regarding receptions at the Riu Ocho Rios. I am curious about whether or not to rent out a private location or if the semi private is a good idea. I want to make sure I get what I want sooner than later because there are quite a few weddings that week.  My parents have stayed at the resort and my mom was describing a wedding reception she saw that was located on the second floor of a restaurant and it was open air near the ocean. She did not know the name of the location...if anyone knows I would really appreciate some feedback. If you have pictures of your receptions that would be awesome as well. I am just trying to narrow down what is the best option for the reception and would appreciate any feedbacl at all from previous brides of the ROR.  Thanks in advance to all and happy planning!  Mirelle   p.s. here are a couples picture of my dress! my sister bought it for me last week!  Â
  9. Hi everyone who has suscribed or responded to this thread! I think I have finally found the answer to our problem. And I found the answer somewhere on this forum.... So..Sunquest has a lot of great deals and one of them is that if you book by August 30th of this year (2010) every 11th person travels FREE! I knew this awhile ago but because the cost was $1912.00 per person, James still did not like the price tag. So I found on here some people who were talking about the Sunquest deals and said that instead of them (bride and groom) or anyone else getting their trip free, they applied the cost of the two trips to everyone's account and they all got $130.00 off or it would have been more with more people. We know we have at least 22 people booking meaning 2 free trips bringing everyone's total cost to just over $1700.00 which is the number James gave me to work with! YYAAAYYY so now we can book. I am so relieved. Although I am writing this from work and have yet to talk to him but I am sure he will be fine with it...I will posta final message confirming it but I think we are ready to get moving... I could not have felt as encouraged and supported if it were not for the people on here so THANK YOU!!! Mirelle
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by JJS2011 Hi Mirelle Anne... Our wedding date is May 2011 and we are using the Sunquest Tour Operator. Our price is 1410 + 178 Tax(for travel out of Toronto). We recieved this quote over a month ago and put our deposits down in the beginning of April. A few of our guests live in BC and after doing some research we discovered it was cheaper for them to just fly into Toronto and then fly out with the remainder of the group! Hope this helps:) Thank you so much for your reply. I wish we lived closer to Toronto because that is where the cost is really getting us because we have to fly out of Winnipeg. But today I figured everything out and I think we are pretty much ready to book! Thanks again for your reply and I wish you all the best with your planning! Mirelle
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by ames Hi Mirelle Anne, We had the same problem when we started contacting TAs...a bunch of them kept on telling us to contact them 10 months before the wedding and then they could help us.... So we kept on trying other TAs and finally we found one that was willing to contact the RIU and get pre-published prices. I don't see why all TAs can't do this. The two TAs who seemed a little more willing to help were Travel Counselors and Flight Center. We went with TC b/c they were quicker to respond. As for pricing, we were quoted $1584 + $176 (taxes) for a double room with a garden view for our Toronto guests. I hope this helps Good luck with everything! Thank you so much for your reply! I have just contacted Flight Centre so we will see what happens. That is a great price, the only difference is that it will be a little more expensive leaving from Winnipeg rather than Toronto and most of our guests will be leaving from Winnipeg. I know we can do it for around $1700 per person it's just a matter of finding the right travel agency. Thanks again for your help and info!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Kimmysals We were in Rincon, Puerto Rico for the holidays and I absolutely loved it there. In fact, that's where we got engaged. It's relatively inexpensive to fly to PR and you don't even need a passport. I know there are other parts of PR that are supposed to be amazing as well. We just loved Rincon. Just a thought. Although I'd say the food was just alright. So maybe this doesn't help. I'm sure others are having weddings in PR on this forum. Congrats on the engagement! And I am open to anything and I really appreciate the suggestion and will look into it. It's so nice to have total stragners care about your wedding. I appreciate you taking the time to reply and I will keep you posted as to what I find out about Rincon travelling from Kenora here, it can be tricky but we will see what happens! Mirelle
  13. Hello to all the beautiful past, present and future brides! I am really wanting to have my Wedding at the ROR as I love the culture in Jamaica and want nothing more than to return for my wedding. I have worked with quite a few TA's who cannot get me pricing for March 2011 for flight. We would really like to be able to tell people the cost of the trip with EVERYTHING included...taxes, air and accomodations. I have read that some people can do this for a good price and we are looking to not spend more than $1600 -$1700 per person in order to meet the needs of our guest. Is this possible? I would just like to get a consensus of quotes from people who have been and what they paid. Mind you, we are planning for March which is a busy time and slightly more expensive. This reosrt has the best of everything for everyone that would be coming. Do I let it go or keep trying until someone gives me a quote we are happy with? Help! p.s I have also contacted the TA's on here and I am awaiting a response Thanks in Advance! p.p.s. I uploaded a profile pic and it dosent show up?
  14. Thank you for your replies! The people are on here are amazing and full of helpful tips. I have worked with a few TA's thus far but I really feel like no one is helping me get what I want. I think this forum is going to be the best thing for me, and I have already sent an inquiry on this forum for help from a TA. re: mexico as a destination I have been to Mexico and had a good experience but both of my parents went and became VERY ill and therefore really do not want to return which I can totally understand. So that is where is gets tricky because good food is extremely important to our families and it can set a whole week off if its bad. I just want to avoid people having to really watch what they eat....does this sound too snooty or anything? I just don't want to make my parents return to a place where they had such a bad experience. Any advice for this? Mirelle
  15. Hi everyone, I am new, my name is Mirelle and my fiancee and I are trying to plan a destination wedding and are not having much success. We are trying to stick to a budget for our families and are having trouble nailing down a location. I am on here seeking advice and help! We want to get married March 2011 and pretty much only have that date because my whole family is made up of teachers and we cant take any other time off. Hope to talk to some of you soon! Mirelle
  16. Hi there, Congratulations on booking the wedding you must be so excited. So I am replying because I too am a Canadian, Ontario Bride who is having the worst time trying to nail down a destination. I have been set on Jamaica but like others, the cost per person can be too much to as people. I am so interested in your decision on Panama!! I have never thought about it before but it sounds awesome. What made you make your decision for there and does your cost include taxes, flight and accomodations?? James and I really want to get our place set because we are looking at March of 2011. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks! Mirelle
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