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  1. Hi everyone! I know some resorts are picky about letting outside vendors into resorts, specifically photographers. I hope this isn't considered advertising - I'm not selling anything - I wanted to volunteer to edit some people's destination wedding pics that were taked from regular digital cameras to make them look like professional photos. I want to get feedback from people and see if I can possibly make a business out of it in the future. If you want a few of your fav snapshots edited (skin tone, colors improved, blemishes, minor objects removed, etc) let me know and I'd love to do them for free! Maybe your pics from your family's cameras had better poses than the professional pics, or maybe your professional pics weren't what you hoped for - I'd really love the opportunity to edit and tweak them ( I can eve add effects like more/less clouds, sunsets, textures, etc) - basically I'm just looking to gain some experience. Email me the link to your pics or the actual pics that you'd like me to edit at for you. I don't have a business doing this (yet) so I don't have a website or anything, but an example of a before and after pic of my nephew is attached to this post so you can sort of see what I mean. I'd really love to do wedding pics though! I won't publish or use your photos in anyway that you don't specifically give me permission to. -Alex alex.field@comcast.net If you want to find me on facebook, you can search with that email address or my name. My profile pic is me and my dog in sepia tone.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by melissa-sa Hey everyone! I've been reading this blog for months now, and since my wedding is coming up soon (August 19th) its finally time for me to start contributing to some Q and A! I'll start off with a few questions for you all... What are you guys all planning for your reception?? I want to be sure my wedding will be fun, and I'm not sure the mariachis and an ipod will cut it. I know there's a fire breather/dancer performance thing available too, and dj's, but are there any other ideas to make it fun Oh, and has anyone ever heard of doing a (booze) cruise? They have one in cancun that you can do for only $1000, but I want something that's much closer to the hotel. I think the 45 min drive to Cancun is going to kill the moment. Ideas? We simply had an iPod and a banquet room and we had a blast! The servers and the head server Alejandro were very fun and loosened everyone up... I'm sure the never ending supply of booze shots didn't hurt either... A fire dancer would be neat but might take the focus off of the reception and you and your new hubby. Alejandro really made it fun for us - don't worry, if things are getting dull, the head server will spice things up for you! Someone on the Unofficial Barcelo board did a booze cruise catamaran out of Puerto Aventuras which is about 10 minutes away. I believe it was chartered by Captain Rick's? They had a private charter two days before the wedding I think - she said it was the highlight of her trip. Google Captain Rick's Mexico and it should come up.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by nisi1125 I am planning on bringing my ipod. Does anybody know if it plugs into a type of dock that charges it while it plays, or should I bring a charger with me to the reception? Also, is it compatible for all ipods? Thanks. It is a large speaker and the cor plugs in the headphone jack, so it would work with any MP3 player (or even a phone) that has a headphone jack. The sound is great because the speaker is very large. I wouldn't think you would need to bring the charger to the reception. My iPod battery lasts for like 16 hours, lol. I would suggest making a few playlists - one for dinner, one for cocktails after dinner, and one that is livelier that you can turn on when everyone is getting more outgoing. I didn't make a lively one thinking I wouldn't need it but ended up playing my "work out" playlist! Haha! It was perfect though.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Philly_Bride I don't think there is a name for the ceremony location. It took place right in front of the closet buffet to the gazebo. I think they call that area "Coral Beach". You can do a reception there as well.
  5. Hi there - I'm Alex and I got married at Barcelo Maya in Mexico in February. I was a lurker and I got a lot of helpful info from other people on this board, and I thought that I should share some wisdom now that I have been through it! Any questions, let me know! I was married in the Tropical section.
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