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  1. after months of indecisiveness me and my fiancee (well...more like just me) finally decided on GBP and had our wedding date booked for next June!! so excited!!! bear with me if i start asking tons of questions! you guys are fantastic!!!!
  2. ladies, i'm curious to know who here uses a wedding planner/travel agent to help them arrange for their wedding?? I've pretty much been planning and researching everything on my own here...and then today I went to this place which is a one-stop shop for everything destination wedding related to try on dresses. I started chatting with the wedding planner there and they were telling me how they can help you with everything including booking travel arrangement for your group and making sure everything goes exactly as you want. And they don't charge a fee! (well i guess they earn commissions from our group travel) This got me wondering if I should use them instead of trying to do everything myself....especially knowing how frustrating it can sometimes get to try to get a hold of the resort's WC....
  3. hey gals! along the lines of birth certificate...I wasn't born in Canada, and to make things even more complicated, my name on my birth certificate doesn't exactly match my name on my Canadian passport (birth certificate has middle+last name, passport has first+middle+last name). Do you know if this would cause any issues? on a side note - does GBP's spa offer bridal hair & makeup? I was on the website and it doesn't look like they do....I was hoping to keep things simple and go with whatever the resort offers thank~~~~~~~~
  4. thanks mekanabr! that's some really good info!! Maybe it was just pure luck, I actually got a reply from Beverly the same day I emailed her! That was really impressive!
  5. hey ladies! how many weddings does GBP do at most a day? And do they offer free wedding packages to start? At first my eyes were set on Iberostar Rose Hall but the costs are more than I anticipated....so now I'm back at square one trying to find another resort.... My TA recommended GBP, said she has a friend who just vacay-ed there and only had good things to say about it. The prices she quoted is much more reasonable than IRHS too. But then I read the reviews on TripAdvisor and got really iffy on GBP. Reading your reviews here eased my mind a lot, seems like the resort is much better than what ppl have to say on TripAdvisor! I just sent an email to ask for more info, hopefully they will reply soon
  6. Congrats Imuze!! You must be getting excited about your big day!! Is there an email address I can use to contact Nicole directly rather than using the generic one found on the website?
  7. ladies, what's the best way to get a hold of the WC at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites? I have a few questions I want to ask them and to get my date booked, but I emailed them (to the address found on their website) a couple of times but I haven't received any response at all....getting a little anxious....
  8. i see!! Thanks PrincessJ & jonesr1979!! So is it the same WC for all 3 hotels? and do they share the same wedding ceremony location?
  9. congrats Julie!!! I'm from Toronto Glad to hear you have your DW resort booked! I'm trying to pick mine now and it is so difficult!! I'm actually looking into Iberostar Rose Hall Suites as well...how was ur experience with them and the WC?
  10. Hi ladies - I'm doing research to pick my resort, and came across these 3 - Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall, Iberostar Rose Hall Suites, Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Hotel. From pictures I saw they don't look the same, but I could only find the Grand one on the Iberostar website....? Can anyone tell me their difference? Thanks!!!
  11. hi BDV, may i ask why you picked ROR over Rose Hall Suites? I'm so overwhelmed with all the reviews I don't even know where to begin emily Quote: Originally Posted by BDV Hello everyone...confused bride to be here..started out wanting to get married at the Rose Hall Suites and now ROR..booking this weekend and soooo nervous! hope I'm making the right choice!!! User Name: BDV Names: Dave and Brigitte Location: Riu Ocho Rios Wedding: Nov 20-27, 2010 (will know the wedding date soon enough) If anyone has any advise I would appreciate it...I'm a little overwhelmed with all the reviews Congrats rasta brides!!!
  12. emi


    hi everyone! let me introduce myself! My name is Emily and I'm from Toronto. My fiance and I just got engaged 2 weeks ago, we haven't decided what we want yet but we're both leaning towards a destination wedding. I'm completely clueless as to what's out there and what i need to plan for, so any suggestions and tips would be muchhhhhhhh appreciated!!!!!
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