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  1. We aren't doing oot bags. They are a great idea and very thoughtful, but I didn't want to stress out about trying to find all the stuff and then worry about how I was going to fit them in my luggage (amongst other items I'll be bringing down for the wedding). Sorry I can't be of more help. They are a good idea though. Awesome!! Thanks for that. Do you know how many she has? I think I need 4.
  2. Thanks murmel!! I'll definitely check those places out. I'm looking for ties that are similar to the inside of a lime/apple green, yet on the brighter side (if that makes any sense). Still looking for that right shade. Not too pale, but not too dark. I'm thinking I'm going to have to bring my own chair sashes down as well. The ones my WC emailed to me were waaaaay olive. Won't mix with my colour scheme. My bridesmaids are wearing bright fuschia, so olive green definitely won't go.
  3. Hey, My ceremony is at 5:00 at Playa Azul and my reception will be at around 7:15ish at Coral Beach. We're doing the opposite of each other LOL. We may head to the disco as well, but I think we'll just see where the night takes us. Maybe we'll run into each other! We picked out the menu and I know what cake I want, but haven't told them that part yet. As for a photographer, we booked Sascha Gluck. There was no way I was going with the resort photographer. After all, they're going to be my only lasting memories of our wedding and I wasn't impressed with the quality of their work. For reception music we're doing the ipod thing as well. We started working on a playlist, but it is no where near finished. How did you pick out your flowers? Did you send them a picture or something? Or did they send you some? Also, what food did you guys end up choosing? When are you arriving in Mexico?
  4. Mexico_2011: We're getting married the same day!! Ours is the 16th too. Planning is going okay. We have our locations and menu picked out as well. I have my dress, bridesmaid dresses and the guys pants. I'm now on a mission to find lime green/apple green ties. Not easy finding the right shade. How are your plans coming? Vic0214: I'm from toronto also. I'm using Sue Stiliadis. She is the wedding specialist from itravel2000. I highly reccomend her. She's been awesome!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by mexico_2011 What day is your wedding? Ours is March 16 at the Barcelo. Maybe we will be there at the same time! How are your plans going? Hey, we're getting married the same day!!! Ours is the 16th too. Plans are going okay. Picked our locations and meal as well. Got my dress, the bridesmaid dresses and the guys pants. I'm on a serious mission to find lime green ties. They're definitely not easy to find. How are your plans going?
  6. Hi, I'm from Toronto and getting married at the Barcelo Maya Palace in March too. We have 30 people booked. Time is flying by. Only 5 1/2 months to go!
  7. Hi JSC, Â No problem, anytime! Â We've decided to go with the Strawberry Passion Package. I know there is a huge price difference between the two and even more so for us because we have 30 people coming and we have to pay an additional $66 p.p. beyond the 15 people that are included. That being said, for us, having it in a banquet room was not an option. I didn't feel right having a destination wedding only to have my reception in a banquet room, which both of us, along with my family figured we could do at home. The idea of getting married on the beach and dancing the night away with our toes in the sand really swayed us. However I know that there are other brides who prefer the open air restaurants and even the banquet rooms and have chosen to hold their receptions there. Do what you guys feel is right and of course within your budget. Just remember, it's your wedding and one of the most special occasions you'll ever experience
  8. Mexico_2011, Can you tell me where you got this room rate? It seems everywhere I check it's a lot more expensive.  Thanks  Â
  9. I booked an outside photographer for March and I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it either. (Whether it's pay the $300 or book a one night stay). I emailed my WC asking about the rules on an outside photographer and all she replied with was "as long as they're a guest". I emailed back asking if they had to stay one or two nights and got no response. So I'm not paying for a two-night stay. I can see that getting pretty expensive and my photographer is from the area too so I know he won't be staying. Such as a stupid rule. However, I guess I can't complain too much, atleast there are ways around it. Â nmurch: Did you get that info. from your WC? Â Â
  10. I love this dress. I ordered the same one for my bridesmaids.
  11. Hi There, Â I can't give you a review of where to hold your wedding, only because mine is not until March and I have'nt been there. I can, however offer you some feedback from what I've read from other brides who have had their wedding there. If you're looking for on the beach: you have a few options, the best being Playa Azul, which is a beautiful private location (as private as you can get on the beach) at the far end of the Barcelo complex (beside the Barcelo Maya Beach Hotel). Another Beautiful location is Coral Beach, which is outside the Palace Hotel and located a little above the ocean among beautifully lit Palm trees at night (which is where I'm holding mine). There is also Palmeras (sp?) beach which is outside the Tropical hotel (I think) and is nice, from the pictures I've seen.l But you're also in between the loungers, which I'm sure you can ask them to move. From what I've read, there's also the open air restaurants (don't know their names) that brides have been quite happy with as well. It really all depends on what you're looking for. Hope this helps, I know if you look through the thread, there will be some other reviews that will help, Happy Planning Jenn
  12. You may be thinking about Playa Azul at the Barcelo complex. It's not totally private, but it's as private as you'll get (on a beach). It's at the very end of the complex, beside the Barcelo Maya Beach hotel, and there is a large palapa right beside it where they set up the tables for your beach reception. It's really pretty. That's where my ceremony will be in March.
  13. Thanks for your replies girls!! Melissa, how many nights did you book your photographer for? one or two? have you already done so? I like the way you think girl! I'm thinking I may just go ahead and book my photographer and book them a room if I don't hear from my WC in the next couple days. I'm just not sure how many days I need to book them for. I really only need them for 6 hrs. or so. I'm not doin a TTD session, so do I really need to book them for 2 nights? What do you think? Not allowing outside photographers is a totally ridiculous rule.
  14. Hi Everyone, I know this issue has been discussed several times, but I wanted to know if anyone had any recent info. on it. What do you guys know about the photography rule? I know it seems to change depending on when and which WC you talk to. I am getting married in March at the Palace and I wrote my WC telling her I wanted to bring in an outside photographer. I played 'dumb' and asked her if I just pay for a day pass or book them a room for the night (instead of asking if it was even allowed). This was a couple of weeks ago and I haven't heard a response from her on the subject. I'm wondering, do they still even allow you to book a room for them for a night? and if so how many nights do you need to? Or do they absolutely not allow it? I'm contemplating on just booking the photographer if I don't hear from her soon and then if I get 'scolded' for it, I will just say I was waiting for a response on it and no one got back to me. I want to book one for my date as soon as possible. Those of you who are getting married this year or next year, what have your WCs been telling you? I am definitely not impressed with the Hotel photographer and will do anything to avoid using them. Has anyone used Moments that Matter? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer me,
  15. Jennp99

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to this forum. Just had a big change in wedding plans and I'm pretty excited about it. We were originally going to get married in my hometown on Dec. 18th of this year, but I found I wasn't really enjoying the planning process or how much money it was going to cost. So after much consideration and after discussing it with our friends and family....a March wedding in Riviera Maya it is!! I feel much happier with this decision. I'm so glad I found this forum, I know it will be a big help