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  1. There are many beautiful off resort locations in Punta Cana!!! I've photographed weddings in many off resort venues in Punta Cana and the price really depends on the venue (if there is a fee to book the whole restaurant, etc.), number of guests, if you want open bar the whole night and all the extras in terms of entertainment. Feel free to e-mail me at julia@juliaeskin.com and I can give you the info for the wedding coordinator who works directly with most of the venues in Punta Cana. Some options for the off resort weddings: Kukua Restaurant: http://www.juliaeskin.com/kukua La Cana Golf Club: http://www.juliaeskin.com/la_cana Playa Blanca Restaurant (Punta Cana group) http://www.juliaeskin.com/playa_blanca Jellyfish Restaurant: http://www.juliaeskin.com/jellyfish Secret Beach: http://www.juliaeskin.com/secret_beach
  2. We travel to all areas in Dominican Republic! Feel free to e-mail us at julia@juliaeskin.com
  3. Yes, you can take off the bracelet for the day of the wedding and get a new one at the front desk the next day. Every one understands that you wouldn't want the plastic bracelet in all of your photos.
  4. I would ask your photographer! If you do have a local photographer, chances are you will have to pay the vendor fee, since a lot of the staff at the resorts know local photographers (especially Majestic being one of the most popular resorts for weddings) From our experience, unfortunately two of our couples were required to pay the vendor fee even though they were not getting married at Majestic. It's best if you check with the resort directly too!
  5. It depends on time of the year. It gets dark early in the winter (around 6pm), so around 3.30 pm is perfect time for the ceremony so you have enough time for the photos after. In the spring/summer it gets dark later (around 7pm) so 4-4.30 pm is great for the ceremony.
  6. Hello everyone, We are a team of two Canadian wedding photographers based in Punta Cana! If you are looking for a wedding photographer, feel free to e-mail me at julia@juliaeskin.com
  7. Hello ladies, We are a team of two Canadian photographers based in Punta Cana. If you are still looking for a wedding photographer, feel free to e-mail me at julia@juliaeskin.com We've shot a wedding at Kukua some time ago and it was absolutely gorgeous! You check out the photos here: http://www.juliaeskin.com/p122563168#h2d1bd0f2
  8. I had couple of brides get ready at the salon and everything turned out beautiful! The other option (I'm not sure if it's available if you are getting married off the resort but you can always ask:) is the bridal suite. I'm not sure if you would have to pay extra for it, but worked out really great for some of my brides!
  9. Definitely go with what you love!!! And as for the trash the dress session, I've done so many of them and the brides even wore the same dresses to their at home receptions and the dresses looked like new. Just make sure to rinse it well in the shower with tap water and hang to dry (dry clean once you get home).
  10. I would e-mail the wedding coordinator and ask. Usually if you are bringing the photographer from home, as from US or Canada (and not outside local photographer) and they stay at the hotel as part of your group, you don't have to pay the outside photographer fee. Again, check with the wedding coordinator, so you have the answer in writing.
  11. They do monitor the patrons and because of the location of Jellyfish, it's highly unlikely that random people would show up and crash the wedding. Of course renting out the whole restaurant is best, but if you have a tight budget, only having the bottom floor and the beach works out pretty good too (still much more private than any resort)
  12. I'm not a bride but I've photographed weddings at Jellyfish that had only the bottom and the beach rented out and I don't think anyone really noticed people upstairs. The area upstairs is a lot smaller too, so there are not that many people there anyways.
  13. I've photographed weddings at both resorts and they are both gorgeous! Dreams Palm Beach has a nice garden gazebo and Now Larimar has a nice gazebo by the fountains. The beach is beautiful at both resorts (probably a little wider at Now Larimar). It's a tough choice:) They are both managed by the same company so the service and the amenities at both are great!
  14. There are couple of options, but La Barcaza seems to be very popular as well as Catamaran Santa Maria.
  15. If at all possible, having the ceremony even half an hour earlier will give you a little bit more time for photos. If not, don't worry, I'm sure your photographer will do a great job, you can have some amazing shots right when the sun sets. If you really want some daytime photos on the beach, it might be a great idea to book another session (or combine with trash the dress if you would like to do that) another day. Otherwise, check with your photographer, I'm sure they will do their best to capture some beautiful moments for you!
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