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  1. I am about to scream, Im really starting to hate dealing with this resort! I have been in contact with Magdelena for the past 1.5 weeks, my wedding is in 3 weeks. Magdelena sent me the menu options for the Ultimate wedding package, and i dislike all of them. I asked if I was able to mix and match from the 3 menus and was told "no, that is not allowed" I then read on here that someone was able to mix and match from the carribean, mexican or BBQ menus. I havent even been shown those options. I asked about them and told there would be an extra charge. OF COURSE... I met with the "old" Ana back in May when my fiance and I were at the resort. We were told that if we had more than 40 guests we could have one of the restuarants, now its and additional $30 pp plus tax and 15% gratuity. I cant understand the amount of inconsistencies. Did I also read on here that someone was told they had to pay for the wedding arch on the beach? Or am I just dreaming that? I almost want to cancel the Ulitmate Package, take the free wedding, and call it a day! thank you for the vent.. sorry
  2. Yes we are using mishka, I am having her design a tag and we will just fill in the appropriate names when we get to the resort. The maracas will then all be laid out at the reception on an "escort card" table and the tags will tell each guest where to sit.
  3. Hi, I had to give up the desire of wanting starfish as escort cards because of all of the trouble I heard about. I have been told by suppliers that because the starfish are an animal product, and something about being on some type of list that they wouldn't clear customs. It was just too much stress buying them and then trying to "smuggle" them into mexico, and then not having escort cards in the end. Once I found out about this I couldnt ask anyone else to carry them and try to get them through either. So we are using our Maracas instead for our escort cards. Hope this helps.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by ebernard4985 For those of you who have already stayed at the resort.... is it true that the beach bar closes pretty early? I was hoping to have my guests hang out here while we take pictures instead of paying the extra money for the cocktail hour. Also, I read on trip advisor ( i know, i need to stay off that site ) that there are armed military patrolling the beach at night, and you are not allowed to walk around the resort after dark.... how accurate is this? I know my family members were hoping to swim at night... is this not allowed When I was at DRC in early May, my Fi and I did see 3 army men with very large guns walk down the beach, in the middle of the day. Sometime between 10am and 1pm. We did walk around the resort at night..but never the beach. To be honest I found the beach to be too dark and night, and it did make me nervous. But in the week that we were there we only saw them on the beach the one time. We also saw the army on our way to Playa.
  5. My Fi and I will be at Dreams on the 9th for a site visit, Will any of you lovely ladies be there?
  6. We won a FREE trip to DRC with flights through out TA. FI and I are going down for a site visit May 9 for 5 nights. We are so excited to be able to see the resort and all of its beauty before we get married Dec 6 2010.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by sunkisseddreams Thanks Princess402 & somethingblue! I emailed Liz earlier this evening:) Im hoping for an early May 2011 wedding! Somethingblue, what's your date? Where is Susan Gill located? closer than Delta? (sorry for al the questions!) My date is December 6 2010. And Susan is located in Delta too. However, most of what we do is over email and phone. Which works well for me. We did meet once at a starbucks in Metrotown, that was a halfway point for her and I (we live in Vancouver). Susan is really quick to respond, and so is Liz actually. Its nice to know that when I email Susan I will probably hear back in a couple of hours.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Princess402 Definitely give her a shout if you are looking for someone local. There are also TAs on here that I know are fantastic, and also definitely (and obviously) DW specialists. TA Jill, for example, is very knowledgeable about Dreams, and there is a Canadian TA on here too but I can't remember who that is at the moment... in any case, just click on the banner at the top if you're interested in that option. Good Luck Hey princess402, I am using Liz's business partner Susan! I think they are wonderful dont you? What is your wedding date?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by sunkisseddreams Hi Ladies This message is for Somethingblue (Heather) & Princess402 (Angela)... I'm from Van as well and was wondering what travel agent your using? I've met with 2 so far and I've mentioned that DRC is my number one choice right now to both but they seem to talk about the resorts they are "specialists" in... meaning they probably get extra commission when you book one of those resorts! Any help is appreciated! Lisa Hi Lisa She is fantastic! So far we have 39 people booked and she has take care of all of their arrangements, and I think we got a fantastic rate! I can get you her ph # if you like. Its nice knowing their are brides from Vancouver on here!
  10. Hi Ladies, I have been lurking on this thread for a while now, and thought I should out myself. My FI and I have sent in out deposit for Dec. 6 2010. I think this thread will provide me with the information I need, as well as an excellent place to bounce ideas around. Recently I came across a post with a website for discounted chiffon or thule for the wedding arch, I've searched and searched and for the life of me I cant find it again. Can anyone help? I'm 80% sure it was on this thread...Oh bother
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