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  1. Hi there, you must be getting very excited - not long now, me on the other hand...so frustrated. I'm having the same problems as you - taking 4 days to reply, not answering phone calls and just not understanding what I've said about 10 times in writing and on the phone! I'm curious as to who you have for photo and video, cause I seem to have different people...x
  2. Hi Lisa, I have the devine package and have La pergola, blue beach bar for cocktails and festival terrace for dinner and reception. I'm a little concerned now as I've just thought they are all outside and it might be a bit cold! Pilar says I can change once I get there so should be OK. Not sure about the Festival Terrace as I only have 25 people and it looks like quite a large space. I'd be more than happy to share m pictures and experience of the day with all you ladies, I know what it's like when you can't pop in to have a look. Don't wish yours too close, as mine just crept up so quickly, one minute it was 4 months away, now its 4 weeks : ) Do you have all your own vendors or the ones from Pilar? Â
  3. Lol, please do sneak a peak, not sure how it will look as I'm not a happy bride at the moment. Finding out things at the last minute from the UK tourist operator and Pilar is confused as to what ceremony I'm having even though it clearly says on the planning form... help! : ( How's your plans coming along, excited you must be? x
  4. how funny! please do! Not having a great time with the organizing at the moment. Do you have Pilar? She has somehow got confused with the ceremony I'm having 4 weeks before the wedding and! How are your plans coming along? Excited yet? x
  5. Hi everyone, I've not posted on here for a long while either, been stuck at work and traveling, not been able to organize or even think about wedding plans for about 7 weeks! I now have 4 weeks and 1 day to go till we get married at Now Jade Cancun in mexico. Â Amandamarieb, I wouldn't worry about the weather, apparently it always says it will rain and sometimes its a quick shower in a local area so think you should be fine. Â I'm in panic mode as I still haven't quite booked a guitarist for our ceremony as the one which we thought we would use hasn't been able to give us any samples! Also, the videographer hasn't been able to send a sample so I'm really worried, would appreciate any help or suggestions for either near Riviera Maya Mexico. Â I'm also stuck on entertainment for the cocktail hour - can't really afford extra musicians for the cocktail hour as well as the ceremony, any other suggestion as to what could happen there? Â I'm also emigrating to the USA from the UK in 2 weeks time, so on top of the wedding plans I also have the move to organize. Â help! am a little overwhelmed to say the least. Â One good thing, just had my hen and leaving party and everyone says it was the best ever... now, onto the most important stuff.. x Â
  6. Hi ladies, I'm getting married on 4th October and am still a bit dubious about our videographer who I havent had any samples from. Can anyone recommend one? Pilar recommended one but he doesn't look that great. Would be so grateful for any suggestions as its getting so close! x
  7. Hey FMH, just realised you mailed me before. I'm so bad at this and have been traveling for a few months, I'm back in the UK with about 4 weeks to go! x
  8. Hi I'm Jennifer and getting married on 22nd October 2010! yikes, can't believe its so soon. Im at the Now Jade Riviera Cancun and have Pilar as my wedding coordinator with the devine package. She has said the 30 video is ceremony and family shots. When is your wedding and how are your plans coming along? x
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by avong1228 My salon told me early August and if I got it within 5-7 weeks before the wedding it was considered a rush and cost extra. Speaking of weight loss ... I'm eating pizza as I type this. Diet is not going so well And on top of that my trainer is on vacation until July 6! I need to supplement with something else! Hi, our wedding is at the NOW Jade Oct 22 2010, just wondered when you booked at the sapphire as it wasn't an option when we booked x
  10. Hey! I'm getting married Oct 22 2010 at the NOW Jade riviera, was hoping for Dreams but they were fully booked!! Congrats x
  11. I've also chosen the festival terrace for our dinner, Pilar sent some good pictures over, I'd be happy to share them with you.
  12. Hi ladies, I'm getting married at the NOW Jade riviera on 22nd Oct 2010!! Not that far away. I haven't made a site visit as I'm from the UK but would love to hear from anyone who has been and maybe who has some pics x
  13. Hi everyone, congratulations to you all and hope you're not as confused as I am about planning a destination wedding. Anyone getting married at the "Now Riviera Jade Cancun resort and Spa?? would love to hear from anyone who is. Our date is set for Oct 22 2010 and is fast approaching...can anyone recommend a really good photographer, harp player and other musicians. Thanks in advance x
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