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  1. What an awesome idea! I have never thought of this! Thanks for trying it out for us all
  2. Thanks so much for posting your schedule. I have been trying to figure out how I was going to get all of those last minute things done. You made me feel more relaxed about this and I am also trying to get as much done before I leave for the resort that way I will be able to share fun times with friends and famiy.
  3. I LOVE this idea! I am going to steal it and use it I have been trying to think of a good way to honor our mothers.
  4. I may ask her out to lunch and as you're talking about the wedding, bring up the fact that because you are having a destination wedding and have to keep things small, you will also be having a small bridal party. You could tell her that you just wanted to clarify that you are not able to have her as a bridesmaid and that you wanted to tell her in person because you were afraid that she may be upset. You could tell your" friend" that if you were having a large wedding you would have loved to include her (that doesn't neccessarily have to be true hehe) but that you and your fiance have decided you must keep the party small. Let her know that you would love to have her share in some fun wedding events (if you wouldn't mind) to allow her to feel included. If you really don't care to do this then don't offer that last part. I think you will feel a breath of relief as soon as you do this. I did this same thing and felt so much better after getting it off my chest Good luck
  5. I had this happen to me too! Although she didn't directly ask me, she was talking about being a bridesmaid with other friends. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I took her out to dinner one night and shared a lot of the details of the wedding. I brought up the wedding party and explained that since it was a DW we had to keep the bridal party very small. I told her who was going to be in the wedding party and that if we were having a regular sized wedding and were having more attendants I would have loved for her to be included. I think being honest and addressing it right away helped relieve the awkwardness and everything has been great since. I also chose a few fun things for her to share with me during the wedding planning, such as a dress fitting and shopping for specific DIY items. This helped her to feel included.
  6. I've heard of allowing only children that are family or only the children in the wedding (I've been to a few like this). This may help cut down the number of children. Also, you could invite only couples that are married (or engaged) (Again, I've been to a few like this). If you do this though you need to be consistent with no exceptions outside of the rules or else people may be offended. We ended up choosing an adult-only resort so that we didn't have to make the decision regarding children, but we didn't want to have any children there lol. Good luck!
  7. I just sent out my Invitations for my wedding! We are celebrating in Mexico during the Mexican holiday "Dia de los Muertos." I just wanted to share them with everyone. Thanks. The Save the Dates: We made individual boxes filled with a bottle of tequila and a shot glass and the STD card which reads "Take a shot on us...and prepare to celebrate in Mexico" Our passport invitations were made by Diane at Custompassports.com. She was wonderful to work with and was able to capture the exact idea I had in my mind.
  8. I am also using mywedding.com and am very happy with the site! I like that you can track RSVPs and traffic to the site, and the best part is it's free!
  9. Clairbear We will overlap for a few days I arrive on October 29 and our wedding is on November 1 and we're staying until November 5. I am under the impression that the ceremony can be in English or Spanish. We are still trying to figure out what we're going to do for the ceremony. I think we're going to write our own ceremony because I'm not sure what the standard ceremony consists of. Nayeli said that if we want to add anything to the ceremony we can send it to her and she will give it to the officiant. I have seen a lot of people doing the sand ceremony, which I think is a Mexican tradition. What are you guys going to do? We are going to have the ceremony on the beach and the reception in the outside square area. Where are you having yours? We are also booking DJ Mannia. Right now we have 20 people booked but are thinking we'll have a total of around 30 people. How about you?
  10. Jass, I'm also waiting to hear back about this. We are considering bringing a photographer as our guest as well. I don't think they'd have any grounds to say no if the person is a guest and paying to stay there. At least that's our hope! Let me know if you hear anything. Amanda
  11. Thank you so much for your reply! Your wedding was beautiful I LOVE all the pictures. It makes it so much easier to envision my wedding! I actually ordered a lot of pashminas for the ladies, so that will be perfect!
  12. Congrats to you all as well! I am also trying to decide whether to use the resort photographer or an outside vendor. I would like to not have to pay extra and just use the photographer provided with the package, but I haven't been able to see any portfolios showing their work Are there any past brides from ERC that used the resort photographer and could share their photos? That would be so helpful because it's hard to make a decision without seeing any of their work...
  13. Hi. We are going to have our wedding at Excellence Riviera Cancun in November 2011. I am also trying to figure out where to have the reception. I'm not sure if the Lobster House is available on our wedding day. I way considering having the reception outside. Do you think it will be too hot?? I saw that a lot of you mentioned that the foyer area was really hot...
  14. Just booked DJ Mannia for our November 2011 wedding. I'm very glad to hear so many good reviews
  15. Hi! My wedding date is November 1, 2011 at Excellence Riviera Cancun. I'm excited to get feedback from any other brides that are planning a wedding at ERC or who have already had a wedding there. Any recommendations or pictures to share?
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