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  1. Hi. I am getting Married in July 2012. I too have found that i get stressed out about reading to many reviews on here and trip advisor. I sent an email to keisha and i am very confused. I asked about a wedding on the beach and reception on the beach and she said no but then i got an email from the manager? .. and it said yes that was available. I am so confused. She also said that she had my date confirmed and I never turned in the request so i was confused about that. I sent her an email and never got a response. I like you do not want this to be a stressful event, I wanted a destination wedding so it would be relaxing and beautiful. Lisa reyes
  2. I feel the same way. You are having a private reception on the beach? I hate when i email the coordinator and she answers one out of 6 questions that i have sent her. I asked about a private reception and the only info she gave me was the plantation and mamme bay. The manager gave me info on a beach reception but she totally ignored the question and just gave the above to answers, What is the name of the wedding coordinator you have been talking with ? Good Luck
  3. Oh no! so you cant confirm the beach or the pool until a day before you get there? when chandlyn was the wc she told me about a beach barbeque that i could have for our reception.. I chose not to go to another resort because you couldnt chose the location until you arrived there. My FI and I are getting Married July 2012 but are trying to narrow down the resorts, I thought it was this one but now i am not so sure!!! ugh!! does anyone know which is better using a travel agent or the internet to book reservations for the rooms and flights ?
  4. does anyone have an opinion of which way is better to book with a group? the internet or travel agent?
  5. How did you decide between the 3 different beaches hotels? I am getting married in 2012 and am having a hard time deciding between resorts.. is the price to travel to the hotel and stay there pretty reasonable are you having a reception and a ceremony ?
  6. what made you change your mind my fiance and i are getting married 7/14/12.. and we too have narrowed it down to those 3. We also need something kid friendly and reasonably priced
  7. congratulations, where are your wedding pictures> How was the heat and the mosquitos? I heard the heat is unbearable this time of year? I am trying to decide between jamaica grand palladium and dreams la romana in the dominican. I really like everything about this resort I am just worried about the heat and mosquitos
  8. i am having the same problem.. all i want is a family friendly reasonable beach resort. I thought dreams romana was perfect but im not sure i can bare the heat in the dominican in july. I was thinking about Grand palladium in Jamaica but i head the beaches are rocky and man made.. ugh..Planning should be fun not headache provoking lol
  9. Thanks for the info, I will probably try and call them
  10. have you gotten useful info about where to plan your wedding for this site or any others ? HELP i know i want to get married in Jamaica but i am having a hard time deciding where
  11. I was wondering about the prices for getting married here, there is not much information on the website nor an email address that you can contact them through.. does anyone have any info on this ?
  12. what made you decide to go with riu versus the other hotels ie Grand palladium ?
  13. lreyes07

    Jamaica 2011!

    I am new to the site, i keep seeing the mention of the jamaica forum how do i get to that? sorry to sound so web illiterate
  14. lreyes07

    Jamaica 2011!!

    I am planning on getting married in Jamaica but am clueless on where i was thinking Grand palladium but not sure ? i am so confused.. first i thought forsure i was getting married in the domincan then decided heat was too much for me.. Any suggestions?
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