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  1. The brochures look great - not sure how many guests you have but a guest directory may be a good idea. We are 60 traveling for our wedding with 31 rooms and our folks loved the idea of a guest directory. Good luck!
  2. Happy legal day November brides!!!!
  3. Niblik~ Apparently I'm under way too much stress a few weeks before the wedding and wishing it was 2011, but it's now is 2010. LOL Sorry~ Mish
  4. Hi Mellyrox~ I too am busty (32DD), not sure your size, but I found corsets at both Nordstrom's and Sacks Fifth Ave. We have a store here in S.Florida called Intimacy - bought a great strapless bra there Good luck! Mish
  5. Getting married November 25th in St.Thomas!!! Just a few weeks now ladies. Congratulations and best wishes to you all.
  6. Thanks so much for sharing. I worked on mine this weekend - with thanks to your template and GREAT directions. I too ordered key rings and lanyards but didn't find the amazing prices that you did. I'll post pics as soon as they arrive and I put them all together. 3 weeks to go!
  7. Hi Allie~ We booked everything but the wedding through Celebrity. They had us working with the Wedding Experience and it was an experience to say the least. LOL They kept trying to sell us into a package, but I needed so much more......I was looking for something a la carte, since we are 60 people on the cruise and a few more meeting us on the island the day of the wedding. On the bright side, my new wedding date is November 25th - which is Thanksgiving this year....and that happens to be my favorite holiday. So I'm very optimistic that it will all work out. The tough part has been all my DIY stuff that has the 24th written all over it - do I start over? At this point, I don't think so. The beach at Nachi Cocom looks beautiful (I just googled images) Having lived in South Florida for most of my life, I will say that, based on the pictures, Nachi Cocom is better than Key West. You made a great choice. Warmest regards, Mish
  8. Allie~ The same thing just happened to me!!! FML. Our wedding is on Nov.24th in St. Thomas and Celebrity Cruises just changed our itinerary yesterday. We will now be in St. Thomas on Nov. 25th. I've called the church, transportation company and wedding planner - all have been very accommodating and understanding - thank God. We are still waiting to see if Celebrity will allow us to change our reception to the 25th. We've rented one of the restaurants for a private dinner/reception, since we are 60 people, but we may end up having the dinner/reception the night before. How are your changes coming? I had a cousin marry in Cozumel 6+ years ago and it was a beautiful wedding. Best of luck, Mish
  9. Received my bags......ordered red and tangerine. Will post pics soon. Happy shopping.
  10. Not 67 any more.....lol. We are down to 62.....have a couple cousins that are expecting (whoo-hoo) so they can't make the trip.....but I'm so excited for them.
  11. We are stopping at Magaen's Bay and Drake's Seat (time permitting) for photos.....I can't wait. Nine and a half weeks to go! Â
  12. They turned out beautiful, great job! I think I'll have to give vistaprint another look
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