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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by 007bride Did you give them any pics of the bodice you wanted or did you just describe it to them? Did you want the gathering at the top? =)) I send them the picture of the other dress with the grey ribbon. Yeah, I love such gatherings on the breast area!! But I couldn't find a pic of these gatherings, so I just described it to gianinar. I should say, they didn't understand me at first (and I had foreseen that!! that's why I asked them to send me a pic of the gatherings as soon as they are ready). So the first time they were way off my desires, but then they remade the dress and the top turned out perfect!! Quote: Originally Posted by 007bride You really do look amazing in that dress! Your waist looks so small & it looks like it fits your figure better than the original dress & model! Looks like your wedding is coming up soon I'm sure you're getting really excited!!! Oh, thank you, 007bride!!! I was really happy with my dress!! It does fits me well, but I never tried the original dress on. I just picked this particular gown on the internet =) Are you going to order a similar one? Yeah, my wedding is in two days!!!! I am excited and nervous!! Hope everything goes well =))))
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by 007bride Your dress is gorgeous!!! It fits you so beautifully as well. This is similar to one that I have in mind but I'm still aprehensive to order online. The original dress looks like it has a different bodice. Did you ask for the bodice changes & the additional ribbon? I think your dress is actually prettier, but I'm just curious if you asked for those changes specifically. Also did you have it taken in at all or did it fit off the hanger? 007bride, thank you!!! =) Yeah, I did ask Gianinarbridal to change the bodice. I wanted no beading at all and the grey sash like on some other dress. I didn't do any alterations to my gown, it perfectly fits me =)
  3. A_J_Mitchell, your dress is fantastic!! I don't see any flaws either. Have they shipped it to you?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by JanineA Ballerina your dress came out really really good. They did a wonderful job it fits you well. Are you happy with it? Thank you JanineA and Lolita29! Yeah, I am very happy with my beautiful dress =)))))
  5. christinak82, I am so sorry for such a late reply! I haven't been on the forum for quite a while. My dress is white polyester satin. And that's the only thing I don't like about it. The dress is VERY heavy and I am pretty sure I will feel very hot wearing it in July. If you want your dress to be flowy, I wouldn't suggest poly satin. This fabric is very stiff. But my gown is not supposed to be flowy, so I am pretty satisfied with the fabric I chose. Here are the pictures of it on me. And this is the original dress I showed to gianinarbridal:
  6. WretchedDeviant, I made all the measurements myself. Oh, my mom helped me, of course, but she is not a seamstress.
  7. KJT1985, yeah.. I am thrilled )) Cindy, JanineA, pamphilia, Lolita29 thank you, thank you! I'll post the pics of it on me asap
  8. Hey, girls!! I received my wedding gown yesterday and I am absolutely happy with it! I fell in LOVE with it as soon as I unpacked the dress. I can't help staring at it in the mirror!!! It's just the ONE I wanted!!!! So happy! Sorry I couldn't take a picture of it on me, my brother took my camera and dissapeared somewhere I'll post my proofpics for now and then add some real ones. I should add - the gown is made perfectly, all stiches are fine. I ordered the dress - the combination of two dresses and kept it as simple as I could. No beading, no embroidery... because I was not quite sure gianiarbridal would do it wel. So I didn't risk and I am very happy with the result! There is a tiny black spot of something in the bottom, but I think I can handle it.
  9. oh, I just got a reply from gianinar.. with a tracking number!! And my lovely dress is about to come in a couple days! So excited!!!! =)
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by mimi73 Gianinar has been fantastic to deal with. The longest I have waited for a reply has been about 12 hours. Really great correspondence. That's not always true. I asked them to send the tracking number of my dress, and I haven't received a reply since last Thursday (!!). Girls, did gianinar provide you with tracking numbers when sending your dresses?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by HereFishie Mine came folded and squished from them in the tiniest black plastic (think garbage bag) package. It looked fine when it came out. No mold. Just squished. Oh, squished? My dress has lots of pleats on it. I wonder if I manage to iron it after thise squishings..
  12. Thank you so much for your replies and your warm welcomings! Yeah, our families are from Russia, Saratov. =)
  13. Hey, girls!!! I have also ordered the wedding dress from gianinarbridal on February 23. It took them 46 days to make it. They have sent me the pics of my dress and I asked to make just a couple of tiny alterations, otherwise I LOVE it. Can't wait to receive it and try it on =)) BTW, question to the ladies who already received their dresses. Was the packaging alright? One of my friends ordered a custom dress from some chinese shop, everything was fine until she got it. There were some spots of mold on the fabric =(
  14. Hello everyone! I am getting married in July 10 20, in Russia. Seems like there is plenty of time for preparation, but I can't help being a bunch of nerves already. Thank you for this forum and tons of useful information! =)
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