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  1. I love them. They definatly smooth out the lumps and bumps. I am not going to wear them on the wedding day as my dress pretty much does the job of holding it all in. But I will definatly be wearing them for the rehersal/welcome dinner.
  2. We are using our wedding vacation as a honeymoon and then a couple months down the road we are going to Las Vegas and on a Alaskan Cruise for our best friends wedding.
  3. Those are way too cute. Great cake topper. I especially love the tails.
  4. I'm happy its Friday but looking forward to a weekend of finsihing packing up my house and moving to my new city!!!!
  5. The hotel key cards are usually the same size as a credit card. So I don't think you have to worry about that. I'm sure the guests will use them for other items as well. Â
  6. Thank you ladies. This is my next project when I get home next week.
  7. I am going to walk with my dad down the aisle as it is something I have dream of since I was a little girl. I think its a honour to walk down the aisle with the man who guided me through thick and thin!
  8. we changed our date a couple times as well but in the end we decided that this is our day and no one elses. Unfortunatly if some of the important guests can't make it we said that it would not hurt our feelings.
  9. We did them up for our wedding. I am really hoping that our guests will like them. We got all the supplies off Ebay for about $10 for 50 of them
  10. So I am getting really worried. I bought my dress 4 months ago and I figured its pretty easy for me to lose weight (as I've done it before) so I bought a size 16 dress instead of the size 18 I should have bought. I am totally regretting it now and there is no way to change the order. I have been under some very big stress lately with moving to a new city and starting a new job in a couple weeks that it seems I am taking out my stress with EATING. Even when I'm not hungry I eat just because its there. I need a fast solution to get this weight off. I need to fit into this dress.
  11. Ahhhhhh.... I could definatly use a venting session!
  12. Those are great sayings. Perfect for those Bridezilla moments.
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