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  1. No it is wonderful!! The casitas are the way to go. We did an individual one and loved it.
  2. We just got married there and no on the salt water. Also, yes you can use your mugs. They are pretty flexible there. We had a wonderful experience!!
  3. sounds fun!! Are you freaking yet? Ha I can't believe we leave in less then 2 wks. I am teaching al the way up to the day we leave too so trying to be productive. We are not getting DJ so working on uploading music to ipod. What are you working on? Any tips for the next week and a half to get prepared? Are you guys doing a day trip? We are to do the Ish Caret one day. I really want to swim with the dolphins!! It is almost here!! Woo hoo!!
  4. Love them.. Where did you get room key holder and personalized playing cards from?
  5. we are wondering that too. We have the individual one booked as of now but may see what it costs to upgrade to swim-up. We keep reading reviews about people raving about the casitas. I think it is going to be a hike to meet our other guests though as they are not staying in the casitas. What are you doing for bouquets/bout.? Photography?
  6. I am not using votives. Sorry!! Thanks for the Ihome idea. Can we bring one? They are charging us twice. We are doing 2 cocktail parties so $300. UGH!!
  7. Yes, true that will work!! Do you girls think the i pod docking station will be enough for our beach cocktail party following the ceremony or do you think we will need sound system too??
  8. I ordered a demetrios replica from china and it was not the same. They can sell for much cheaper because they use cheaper material. I had to go and buy another dress because I was not happy with the outcome. I took my chances.
  9. I am an EDR bride too!! We get married May 6th. Congrats to you!! We still need a photographer too!!
  10. No dance floor at Tucanes?? I wonder why she rec. this place then. We ended up going with 2 cocktail parties since we are getting married at 3 and have less then 30 people. We want to dance though so maybe should not pick Tucanes. What do you think? We leave a month from today. Ahhh!!
  11. love them... Need enough points too so I can open your documents. I leave 30 days from today and need to get something made asap..
  12. call your credit card comp. I had an issue with ordering one online and did not like and now they won't give me full refund as stated so not sending it back to them. So I filed a claim with my c. card comp. while they are investigating. They refunded my money for the time being. SO SORRY
  13. Thanks.... I wish we had a photographer to take.. We are debating how long to have ours too because we want to have our photographer for more then the ceremony too. We may do private dinner/reception too. Otherwise not sure how else it will work for what we want. Our plan was cocktail hr by ceremony location, free dinner at el cocotal, then reception at tucanes. But we just wanted dances and cake cutting at reception not food. Don't think that is an option. I think we would have to buy 2 cocktail parties with this plan. I wish there was better communication so I could get this figured out. Thanks for your help!!!
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