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  1. Hi Everyone! Sorry, I was a casual lurker and didn't even see this thread till today! Â I'm November 26th at Dreams Punta Cana! Â Â Just wanted to say hello and good luck! I wish I could give you all "de-stress-ing" hugs! haha, get it! Â And, Congratulations MysTea! Wow!
  2. That's beautiful Lyndsay! I will be at DPC during your wedding! I hope I get to see you in it! Buenas Suerte! Â
  3. Congratulations Fiona!  I'm also getting married at Dreams Punta Cana! November 26, 2010!!! Yayyy  How is the planning going? Are you finding all of your answers here?
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Tara King My wedding date is set for November 26th, 2010 And the wedding is to be at Dreams Punta Cana! And we're super excited! This forum is sooooo helpful already! It's so easy to get irritated and worried when doing this destination thing! I feel like no one has answers and you just sit and stare at your email waiting for your wedding coordinator to respond! Reading about all of these other brides going through the exact same things is so calming! Thank you for having this forum for us to vent and chat and share!
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