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    Post Your Wedding Date

    January 01 2011 Jan and Edward - January 01 2011
  2. Lucky Bride

    Need help with wedding planner in Tulum, Mex.

    I like this you can get hook,, but off to work I go
  3. Lucky Bride

    Need help with wedding planner in Tulum, Mex.

    I do not know any but you are in a great forum some body will help you soon
  4. Lucky Bride

    Need help with wedding planner in Tulum, Mex.

    Have you check a destination wedding planner and do you want a person who speaks spanish
  5. Lucky Bride

    Hi :)

    Hi Meaghan,and do you know if you are going to do a Martha Stewart wedding at Sandals and/or can you do you our wedding package. I have been looking at sandals site and the look pretty nice
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    Quote: Originally Posted by angelamr80 Im a newbie trying to figure this site out.. when will i have enough points to view an attachment??!! :-(..anywhoooo, I'm newly engaged- NYE! and am planning a wedding in cabo april 2011. very excited. i'm still looking for the perfect venue for my platinum wedding lol... I am new also and this seems to be full of info and I think it a lot of fun, we will understand it soon I hope I too need lots of info and I can not be on this all day so I check during breaks at work and I forgot to say
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    Newbie - Jan 2011

    welcome to the forum I am getting married in Jan 2011 "New Years DAY"
  8. Lucky Bride

    August 2010 Brides!

    I know what you mean, take deep breaths it always helpshttp://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ilies/oops.gif
  9. Lucky Bride

    May 2010 Brides!

    What I have done is I have a pad that goes where I go so I jot things down, then I have a suit case that I put things that I do not want to forget, try it
  10. Wow that property is lovely, cograts keep us posted on your updates
  11. I am getting married at Rose Hall Hilton in Montego Bay and I chose it because of the Golfers and the children attending
  12. Lucky Bride

    Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred

    I have just started drinking warm to hot water every day and I loose weight when I do not exercise
  13. Jamaica Elegant Weddings I am glad to hear we can do this of the Hotel Property I will give them a call