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  1. You can email them and ask- they're really quick to respond.
  2. Thanks, Lisa! Well, unfortunately my wedding is in less than a month (!) so I think I might just order the 72"- such a procrastinator!
  3. tableclothsfactory.com- I got my chair sashes there, too- cheapest I could find!
  4. Thanks, Lisa! Do you know the width by any chance? I'm looking at buying organza overlays (cheap) but not sure what size to choose. They have 72", 90 " and 108". Any idea?
  5. Those are so original! What size did you choose?
  6. Yes, we ordered 50 from Factory 21 as well. We haven't received them but they are way cheaper and they even will print on the back for free. They are very quick to respond to questions, too!
  7. Are you selling all 8 tylenol packs for $2? If so, I will buy those and the Carmex lipbalm!
  8. Does anyone know the size of the big round reception tables? I could ask Pilar, but i'm still waiting on a reply from the last time I emailed her over a week ago!
  9. Does anyone else have trouble posting sometimes? Anyway, thanks SKing! I found some rope lighting too from ACE Hardware.com that's a pretty good deal. How much are you using? I have no clue!
  10. Thanks, SKing! How much did you get? I also saw some cheap rope lighting from AceHardware.com- it's 9.99 for about 18 ft. I realy have no clue how much to get...
  11. I would like to know the answer to this, too bc Pilar quoted me $650.00 for string lighting!!! I almost fell out of my chair...
  12. We got linen suits from Studiosuits.com. Custom-made for $99 +tax and shipping. They are out of India and we were very pleasantly surprised with the quality. My FI's fits him perfectly. There's a huge thread on here if you search custom linen suits I think.
  13. Magirl, Â We didn't have to pay for wine or sushi when we were there in February- and we ate at the Asian restaurant multiple times b/c it was so good! The wine is pretty gross if you get it from one of the bars- like the lobby bar or disco bar- b/c it's just the cheap wine but when you're at one of the restaurants, it's the good stuff. I'm assuming the cheap stuff will be served at the wedding receptions . I hadn't thought about that- I might have to purchase some good stuff! I think the other girl I went on vacation with described the lobby wine as tasting like "dirty dish water..." Â
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