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  1. hey! which is your resort? my wc got me a great photographer. you can contact her because some hotels have several photographers working as vendors and maybe you get that info and do not have to pay the fee ) let me know if you want the email!
  2. congratulations! dw are fun! different! great choice! if you need me, ask me. i will have my wedding on the 25 th october and have been through a lot but it is easy now!
  3. HEY! HOPE YOU SOLVE IT OUT, HOW MANY ARE YOU FOR THE RECEPTION? do you care for a venue over the ocean? we are not wearing high heels, but sandals, beach sandals. we were offered a dancefloor under the tables but i really think our guests are going to love being barefooted. the guys are wearing sandals also!
  4. mastercards loooove to be active ) they are always hyperactive )
  5. that is good to hear as I am using her too! Do you have pictures or a description of what she did for you? thanks, your feedback is worth a lot ) handling a destination wedding is fun with you girls helping like this!
  6. I have chosen a villa, but yes, I would love to see your narrowed search ) for my anniversary!
  7. Hey, I am having a catholic ceremony too! and I had the same trouble, but i have seen several other options in the riviera (there is another church in Playa, other than the chapel, and also there is a church in a private villa in playa del secreto. Contact my wc. her mail is floresjulieta@prodigy.net.mx hope you solve this!
  8. I am sure you will find all the vendors! My florist works in isla too, her site is YOUR WEDDING FLORIST JULIETA your WEDDING FLORIST AND COORDINATOR good prices and things to rent! I also prefer the privacy of a villa rather the big resort! congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  9. Ceiba del Mar does only one wedding per day and pretty private venues, they have. I checked with them first thing.
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