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  1. The flags are from an etsy vendor, www.aymujer.etsy.com. They also do custom papel picado banners, etc. The flags have our names and wedding dates in them in case you can't see that in the pics. We had our party invitations designed to coordinate from Printable Press... Here's the graphic from the top, it won't let me paste the whole invitation for some reason. We also used this graphic on our agendas, goody bag CDs, etc. throughout the wedding. I'm thinking the photog got some good pics of that stuff in my room along with our flags, etc. Melissa, I am also doing a DIY photobooth...we'll see how it goes!! I have a friend who is a photographer doing the party this weekend...she also did the engagement pics that are on my facebook page. I had a whole day of Garden Ridge/Hobby Lobby errands today to find stuff to make the backdrop, props, and some random stuff for centerpieces. I thought I was going pretty low key but all of a sudden at the last minute I want to add all this stuff!!! Aaaaah!!! Good luck with all your stuff - I'll post pics from the party too once I pull it all together this week!!!
  2. Melissa, I noticed that too! Pink just looks so pretty with the ocean and sand. We had kind of a "Mexican kitsch" theme - I had the papel picado flags and these awesome pinta-esque shoes. Our party at home is at a Mexican place and we are doing pinatas, more papel picado, taco bar, mexican wedding cookies for dessert, etc. There was a Mexican fiesta dinner going on a the resort that night and she took some pics of us with the decorations there, I'm hoping they turn out well!! I put some more of my personal pics (and finally got some from my friends!) up on my facebook if anyone wants to friend me to check them out, there are lots of pics of the resort, rooms, etc. It's Sarah Vespasian. Surely there's only one of those out there.
  3. Here is a link from my photographer, Citlalli Rico to her blog with a few of my wedding pics. I will post more up once I get them this week. She and her sister Tamara were wonderful to work with and as you can see from the pictures, they are true artists! I am a designer and am really picky about photography - I sent her a million examples of the styles I like, ideas, etc. and she was very patient and from what I have seen really listened! They were friendly, unobtrusive and fun! We went down to the villa next to the resort for pictures as well - you can see that in several of the ones posted on her blog. It was great, and a nice break from that windy beach!! Our wedding was on October 15 and our at-home reception is this Saturday, the 13th. They really went the extra mile to make sure we had our pictures back in time to show at the party. I definitely recommend her - she is with Claudia Rodriguez Studios and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer for our group. Here's the link, I'll be sure to put up more with some details of cake, flowers, venue etc. that I know you guys all want to see (because I wanted to see everyone else's before my wedding!!) http://citlallirico.com/blog/?p=2032
  4. I can't seem to gather my thoughts enough to write my own review, so I'll just keep commenting on other people's. I agree with Melissa's comments about the wedding planning and the resort...everything was perfectly taken care of and every need was accommodated. Drinks were great, and I too am a foodie (my new hubby is a chef!) so am a little snobby about those things...but for an all inclusive, it's the best food I've ever had at one. My favorites were the breakfasts at The Lobster House and also the buffet, lunch by far is the best at The Lobster House, and you can just hop up from the pool and head up there! My favorite dinners were at the Mexican restaurant and the Flavor Market for tapas (as dinner or just before). The Lobster House dinners were good too - just be sure and get steamed, not grilled (if you get lobster). But, everyone has their own palette, so I'm sure opinions are different from each individual. And YES, go to the Michael Jackson show!! It was fantastic and we had such a good time. We also went to the dancing exhibition and went down one night while they had a spanish guitar player out on the patio and enjoyed those as well. The waitstaff, housekeeping and bartenders all work hard, so we tipped pretty generously. They always remembered our names, what our favorites were, and some even remembered our room number as we were checking in at the restaurants - amazing! I am putting some pics up from my trip on facebook as well, but still don't have any from the wedding. (other than a few shots taken by guests that aren't great!) I will put up a link as soon as I get them back from my photographer. Hoping to have a least a few by this weekend...our reception at home is Saturday so I wanted to do a little slideshow to run during the party!
  5. I'll second most of what she said here... Cake: We had the Tres Leche (three milk) and it was delicious!! Our guests raved about it and we even had them hold a couple of slices for us to have the next day as a late night snack (through room service)!! I loved my flowers - I had given her a pretty loose description (mostly it was the color I wanted) and a couple pictures and I was really pleased! The hair/makeup people were great - again, I had pictures so she was really good about asking me step by step if this was what I wanted. At first I was a little freaked out by the "helmet head" feel of bridal hair, but once we got down to that windy beach, I was glad for it!! I didn't LOVE my makeup, but it was good. I tweaked it a little when I went back to my room and had to touch up some because of humidity,etc. But I am SUPER picky about makeup and usually do my own for special occasions so I think she did a good job, considering. Agreed about the mic...your guests won't be able to hear you otherwise. In fact, one of the funnier moments of our ceremony came when my hubby misunderstood what the officiant was saying and repeated it back wrong. I am probably cracking up in most of the ceremony pictures because it was so funny. But it made for a great story that we are all still laughing about!! Even with the wind, I loved having it on the beach. It's up to you and what your tolerance level is for mishaps, I suppose...or check the weather that day and see what you think. Getting married with the sand between my toes, surrounded by my closest friends and family, with the ocean 20 feet away was just amazing. Best of luck to you and everyone else and remember to just relax and enjoy it!! (Everyone in my wedding group including myself and my hubby had a couple cocktails before the ceremony and we all had a great time!) I should get my pics back from the photog in the next couple weeks, I'll post them for sure!!
  6. Hi everyone, we just got back Wednesday night from our fantastic wedding week! Hurricane Paula blew in the morning we all flew there, and after a few flight delays, we only lost one couple as guests (American completely cancelled their flight almost 24 hours early...WTF? Then they couldn't get rescheduled...) Anyway, other than the rain on the day we arrived, the weather was beautiful the whole time. I want to write a more detailed review later (things have been hectic with work and getting back in the swing since we got home), but I wanted to share that the resort is wonderful and Yamina is attentive to everything you could need. Please don't stress about anything, it will be taken care of!! We had our wedding on the beach, which was beautiful but WINDY!! I think it was especially windy the day we were there but just be prepared. We had a very small group (13 guests) and wanted to keep it all really casual, so we had a cocktail hour w/ hors d oeuvres, the cake (tres leche - delicious!), etc. at Revive after the ceremony and ended up eating dinner that night at Barcelona (I had wanted Agave or Lobster House, but both were closed). The resort and Yamina went out of their way to make us feel special and pampered, accommodating anything we needed. We went next door to the villa with our photographer (Citlalli Rico from Claudia Rodriguez Studios) and took pictures after the wedding. Citlalli and her sister were a real joy to work with, I absolutely can't wait to see the pictures!! I will post more details and pictures as soon as I get them!!
  7. Hurricane Paula...NOOOOOOO!!!!! Everyone say a prayer for me, we fly out in the morning...
  8. I sent her 3 or 4 pictures similar to what I am looking for...I am flexible on the type of flowers as long as the color (fuschia/hot pink) is right, so didn't give super explicit instructions. One of the pics I sent had peonies and she said those are really expensive there so I nixed those, but the rest she just said she would send to the florist. I figured we would talk about it in more detail once we get there next Wednesday... Same with the cake...I just picked a flavor and sent her some pictures (just want a few flowers on there that will match bouguet, etc).
  9. My wedding is in just a little over a week! Argh! For anyone who has been there: After we wedding we are just doing a cocktail hour and then I was going to make a dinner reservation at one of the restaurants. I had kind of planned on Agave, since my wedding has kind of a mexican kitsch theme, BUT, it's not open on Fridays. I am debating between the Flavor Market and the Lobster House...any suggestions?
  10. Supersonic: Thank you so much for responding!! I am so glad I got to see your pics, as I am doing the same setup with a similar number of guests, etc. Looks like the rain shower didn't ruin anything too much for you! I was wondering about your music too - I was told we had use of a sound system on the beach, but didn't see it anywhere...or is it just out of the photos? We are just bringing ipods with music to play before/during ceremony and then during our happy hour. I am going to send the link to your slide show to my photographer (citalli rico) to show her some of these great locations, I loved the way your pics turned out. Also - did the salon at the hotel do your hair and makeup? I have a similar hairpiece and like the way yours looked! I have been saving pics from online and magazines to show them, but am nervous about someone I've never met doing my hair!! Good luck with your party! We are doing ours about 3 weeks after our wedding and I am trying to get as much done as possible before we leave for Mexico!
  11. We are doing Spanish guitar for pre-ceremony and walk down the aisle...haven't picked a song to leave with yet though!! I was a little worried to pick anything with words or that dragged on for a long time since I don't know who will be operating the sound system, how long the walk is, etc. Â I am down to just a month away!! Finishing up details, out of town bags and working a little on the party we are having at home after we get back. Â Am I just supposed to email Yamina pics of flowers and cake that are similar to what I want? Guess I need to touch base with her!
  12. Supersonic, I just saw some other shots on the del sol website that were taken at the villa next door. (Not sure if there were yours or not) Fantastic! Do you need to get special permission to go over there? How long did it take? We are having a happy hour afterwards and didn't want to take too long with pictures and leave the guests waiting...then again, it's a happy hour, how upset can they be? Just curious about the details of this...
  13. I'd love more details as well (from you and anyone else that has recently had their wedding! I am getting down to the last month so am going to have to make final decisions on details like venues, cake, etc. Â Thanks!
  14. Hi ladies, I think I will also have around 15 guests (on 10/15/10) and am doing a cocktail hour but then just making a dinner reservation at one of the restaurants that night. We are on a really tight budget so I didn't want to pay for the upgrade...but I did kind of want the mariachi band!! Â I also have most people coming in either Wed-Sun or Thurs-Sun so was wondering about the shows as well. Â Also - one of my fiancee's sisters has a 16 and 13 year old and was considering staying off resort and then coming over for the day...I have emailed Yamina but haven't heard back yet...does anyone know anything about the policies for this? Â I am also working on picking out music for the ceremony/cocktail hour (we are just doing sound system/ipod)...does anyone know how long of a walk it is from where ever we come from to the beach? Don't want the song to drag on and just be standing there... Â Are most people doing the gazebo or the beach? Just curious... Â I have just about everything else finished up and am getting so excited!! Â
  15. I was just going to bring an ipod with a designated playlist for ceremony and one for cocktail hour. All the musicians for hire seem a little pricey for a 15 person wedding. Â Yamina told me we will have use of a sound system for the actual wedding, and I have heard of several people bringing their own ipod speakers for the cocktail hour or reception.
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