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  1. They wouldn't count my guest who didn't book directly through them or through TA. Be sure and tell your WC at moon palace who those guest are. I only had one couple not book through my TA and they didn't get their welcome bags and they weren't near anyone else staying for the wedding.
  2. They will change to different songs for different parts of the ceremony - guest arriving; bridesmaids; etc. I gave them my iPhone with a playlist and a numbered list of what track to play with what part. Everything worked out fine.
  3. Any of the reception areas that are closer in to the buildings will be less windy. The buildings seem to be set up kind of like a U with the reception areas in the middle. I had mine closer to the beach. It was really windy but it had more privacy.
  4. I was supposed to have Claudia but she had an emergency when i got there. She was good about answering my questions and always responded pretty quick. Also, the coordinator that was assigned my wedding when I got there had all the details right so I think it's safe to assume she is pretty organized.
  5. I had my cocktail hour at the tucan garden and didn't book that until i got there. its just the grassy area directly next to the tucan terrace. i doubt they would book it for anything else so you should def check to see if its available.
  6. I think the Goldola is supposed to be good. La Trarroria was def my favorite. We had a group function the night before the wedding. It was like a rehearsal dinner you would have at home...or that's how i thought of it.
  7. The Tucan is on the Nizuc side. I got married at the chapel and then we walked there. We had a cocktail hour at the garden next to it and then the reception at the tucan terrace. The mosquitoes were not bad when we were there (April) but it also didn't rain.
  8. The Venado is closer to the Grand side. Otherwise they are basically the same.
  9. I did not buy a table cloth. Just used the white ones they provided. Here are two shots of my tables set up.
  10. The closet was full on my trip down to mexico. I just laid it down in the overhead bin. People were nice and moved their stuff. I knew it was getting pressed anyway...I just didn't want someone to put their stuff on top of it.
  11. A fan is a really cute idea. and will probably be really appreciated by your guest!
  12. I did not make them. It was a short ceremony and I don't think anyone was too lost without them. I have a stack of them in my car from weddings this summer...I personally wouldn't waste the money.
  13. Valeria was my wedding coordinator once I went down there. She is awesome. I didn't have her leading up to the wedding but my girl got sick the week of. I did have problems when I tried to email Valeria after the wedding about our certificate but found I could call early in the morning. They do operate way slower than we do but they have everything down really well. I would call the 1-800 number on the moon palace wedding website.
  14. We chose the complimentary package. I was able to secure the ceremony location when we signed our contract which was about 11 months ahead of time. I secured our function location about 5 months out. We used the palace money for the videographer. It would not have been worth what we paid if it was our real money. We brought a photographer who stayed 4 nights so there was no problem with an outside vendor. I added bouquets, boutonnières, corsages for the moms, flower pedals, alter flowers, cake, and a sound tech. I don’t remember how much all this was. I know I did it all through Moon Palace because I didn’t want to bother having to meet someone else for flowers. Buying from them is still cheaper than a US wedding. I brought table centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner but they told me they would blow away. They replaced them free of charge. I brought chair ties, three hurricanes, collapsible vases (I put the bouquets in them for centerpieces at the wedding), three hurricanes, and three floating candles. And really don’t stress about anything. The part I was most worried about was making sure I had functions at the locations I wanted. The location was most important to me. They sent us menus, flower choices, cakes choices, etc before we left but we picked everything when we got there. I only booked the sound tech person before hand.
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