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  1. We leave tomorrow morning too! You are getting married the day after us! I will see you down there. My parents are already there and they say it is amazing!! I can't wait!
  2. I am getting married in 12 days! We are using Ivan Luckie and he has been great so far as communication goes. His photo style is much like Del Sol and the others. I would recommend him. If you go to his website you can see his work. His fee is awesome and very affordable and he stays for the whole day! I assume you just pay when you check out but I am not sure. I am getting married at the gazebo and also using the Even Terrace as our reception location. We have 20 people going down with us and we leave next Thursday. I am so excited and just want it to be here. We are using the DJ Mannia which is the only one allowed at the resort and I think they have a contract with the resort. We got a great deal on them as well as they were offering a special last February for 30% off. Let me know if you have any questions as I know how nerve racking this process can make you.
  3. I booked him and his pictures are amazing! Follow him on Twitter and Facebook as he always posts his latest work. I know you will love his pics!
  4. Only 96 days until our wedding. October 30th at 3pm. I see some of you are getting married around the same time. Can't wait to meet Yamina...she is wonderful in emails and on the phone. How is everyone getting OOT bags down there? I heard that you can't take too many gifts through customs otherwise you are taxed for them. Anyone know anything about this?
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by scrose Heather7877, I will be there just about a week before you!! To everyone else: Thanks for all the great tips on this forum, they have really helped me out! Just wanted to let you all know that I am also a Stella & Dot jewelry stylist! There are some great pieces in the current collection for your beach wedding - lots of starfish, turqoise or fun casual CZ pieces! Please check out my website (you can shop on line or PM me) at Sarah Rose - Stella & Dot Stylist. Let me know if you have any questions! How exciting! Love your website and jewelery. I will have to take some more time and check it all out. Good luck with your wedding planning!
  6. Wow, I didn't even think about the dress code. Thank you for asking about that. I have to say that this website and all of your comments have made me so at ease with booking this location! I started out with Dreams at Maroma Beach but I have heard horrible things about their service. Yamina called me this week from Mexico and she seems very nice. I told her about this website and the nice things all of you have been saying and she didn't even know about it. She seems very sweet! I finally found my dress this weekend and can't wait to see it all put together with the veil and hair!! I also just ordered my save the date cards which will hopefully be here by the end of this coming week. I found the cutest cards on weddingpaperdivas.com. Next order of business is asking my friends to be in the wedding. I don't know why but I am nervous they will say no as it could be rather expensive as it is I am already asking them to go to Mexico! I was so excited to be able to book DJ Doremixx but found out that you can only use DJ Mannia which is totally fine but they are a bit more expensive and provide less then DJ Doremixx. Not happy about that! Does anyone have any experience with DJ Mannia that could tell me about?
  7. Does anyone have pictures of the flowers and wedding cakes they could send me for Excellence Playa Mejueres?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Rebecca030510 Hi Ladies!!! We're back from the wedding and honeymoon and everything was PERFECT!!! I mean it! I had gotten SO stressed for the month or so before we left for EPM! I just didn't think I had done enough to prepare, knew I'd get down there and realize I forgot something super important or that Yamina would somehow let me down... NONE of that happened!!! The week and the actual wedding day were BEYOND PERFECT!!! None of you have anything to worry about... I assure you! Once you get there, Yamina is a dream to work with! She makes sure that you're happy with everything and that you feel comfortable with all decisions made, etc. She also wants to bug you as little as possible so that you can enjoy being on vacation with your family and friends! I still have no idea how to add pictures, etc. on to my posts, so I apologize for that, but I can add a link to my photographer's website when they let me know that my pictures are ready for viewing! Just a few details about my wedding... We ended up having 44 total (including my now husband and I) people come for the wedding. We wanted to have a gathering the night before (even though we weren't doing a true "Rehearsal"), so we had a "Welcome Dinner" on the Spice Terrace the night before the wedding. It was AWESOME! Honestly, this was the thing I was most worried about... there were just so many unknowns. However, Yamina pulled it all together and it was a complete success!!! We brought down a slideshow to show everyone and Yamina arranged for everything for that. The decor, centerpieces, food, drinks, service, etc. were just incredible!!! I had my hair and make-up done in the spa and Myra (that's not how she spells it, I just blanked on that) was AWESOME! She spent SO much time making sure that it was just perfect! SO much better than I imagined!!! We brought down our own photographers since we had worked with them and trusted them completely! Yamina and the resort were great working with them as well! The ceremony was on the beach and was just beautiful! Our cocktail hour was at the X-Lounge on the beach and we used the mariachi band... HUGE hit! They put on quite a show!!! Our reception was just so much more perfect than I EVER could have imagined!!! The dinner was SOOO good... SOOO good! And, the service was second to none! Edgar managed our reception and couldn't have been better!!! He's just so great! : ) Yamina had the decorations and centerpieces even better than the pictures I sent her... it was beautiful! We used DJ Doremixx and I understand from Yamina that they are no longer accepting outside vendors for the DJ's, but he was beyond incredible!!! We were SO sad when the reception ended!!! It was just literally perfect! Please let me know if anyone has questions or anything b/c I know it can get stressful not knowing what to expect, etc. Also, like I said, once my photographers puts up our pictures, I'll include a link so that you guys can view those as well! Good luck with all of the planning and don't stress! It will be fantastic! : ) Thank you for the aboive information to include names! That is a huge help. We just put our deposit down for our wedding/room at Excellence! Getting married on October 30th 2010. Is it true about the DJ? We were looking at getting DJ Doremixx too! Is he less expensive then the on site people?
  9. We am in the beginning stages of planning our wedding and have been only engaged for a month. I need to set a date! We know for sure Mexico but I am not sure which location. Thinking about October 16th or 23rd. Anyone out there getting married or have experiences at either of these locations? I have read a ton about Maroma but curious about Excellence Playa Mujeres. It looks amazing! Thank you, Heather.
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