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  1. Great review. Thanks so much for sharing. Your pics are awesome
  2. JusMe4E


    Welcome to the forum and happy planning. I'm fairly new myself. I'm getting married at ROR in June 2011. I have found this forum very helpful and I'm sure you will do.
  3. All of these are great ideas. I still have not decided yet. I was leaning more towards yellow, but I really like the orange and pink idea.
  4. Great. Can't wait for the review. Puts my mind at ease about choosing this resort.
  5. Great review. Thanks for sharing. I'm getting more and more excited about choosing this as my wedding location.
  6. Great review. I'm getting married at ROR in June 2011. This really helped.
  7. JusMe4E

    Newbie - ROR

    Congrats and happy planning. I just confirmed for June 24, 2011 at ROR. You will find so much info on this site. Good luck with your planning.
  8. This is so helpful. I just send my request to see if the date I want is available. I also chose the free package and put 30 guests. I'm sure I may have more so I wanted to make sure I would be able to upgrade if needed. Thanks so much for the help.
  9. Congrats and welcome to BWD. Get ready for your newest addiction. I am also a newbie getting married at Riu Ocho Rios June 2011. This site is the best. Jump right in and again congrats.
  10. Hello Username: JusMe4E Names: Chanell & Elton Date: June 2011 Location: Riu Ocho Rios Jamiaca I had a hard time decided, but after reading all the reviews I'm sold on this location. Look forward to talking with everyone.
  11. Beautiful pics. I still haven't made a final decision on where yet, but the more I read the reviews the more my I'm leaving towards Riu Ocho Rios. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Hi Ladies, I am also a happy 2011 bride. I can't decide between Jamaica and Mexico. I'm currently looking at both and this site has been a great help. I want to get married in June. Hopefully I'm planning well enough in advance that I can get the date I want.
  13. Hello I'm a newbie to BDW and I am so excited to have found this site. I have set a date of June 27th 2011. Currently looking at either Jamaica or Mexico. I look forward to talking with everyone.
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