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  1. I also love the brooch bouquets and think you did a FAB job with these!!
  2. Thanks for this, brilliant. So simple, yet I hadn't thought of doing it that way at all, I was all ready to faff around trying to make stencils and things. This sounds much better. Really, very grateful to you for sharing!!
  3. What a great website! Thanks. @Bride2b - try clicking on the download tab top right.
  4. Wow, everything looks great! I love how you've decorated your whiteboard - so pretty! You're colours are lovely too, very classy.
  5. Wow, this is fantastic!! Thanks so much for the link! I hope I can do half as good a job as you've done!!
  6. I love this, it's just too cute. Glad to hear it's been a hit with brides too. Definitely one for my DIY 'to do' list, despite how ridiculously long said list is getting lol.
  7. Aww, I love the stickers on the envelopes. Very cute! Your guests must have been so excited to find those coming through the letterbox!
  8. These are lovely. I'm definitely going to explore this area further! Thanks for raising it as another brilliant possibility. I'm not going to fit any clothes in my suitcases at this rate! lol
  9. How about this one? Think I might have made it worse lol. Any ideas? Should I lower the transparency of the turtle even more? This is harder than it looks!
  10. Thanks for the advice guys! I did lower the transparency of the background a bit, but you're right, I could do with lowering it some more. I also tried rounding the text but to no avail... can anyone shed any light on how to do it? Thanks again!! Kim
  11. Thanks so much for that, Jessica! It is where I thought it was (my partner and I sat in it wondering what it was last year, as it wasn't then being used as a wedding gazebo) So great to hear how private it is too!! Thank you for taking the time to post and clearing up my confusion!! Francys- thanks for the emails. I got the first one, with the image in the Seaside Grill (which was lovely) however the second attachment was a link so it didn't work. I really appreciate you taking the time to try and send them though! Kimberley.
  12. I know the feeling bride2b!! I just keep putting 'Bayahibe, 2013' as the insignia on anything that could do with a date but doesn't need anything specific (things like draft pre-departure brochures/ door hangers, etc.) but it would be so nice to have a real date! Especially so I could get things printed. I plan on making a start on as much as possible (inc. invitation/save the dates) but it will be so frustrating having them just in electronic form for a few more months!! At least we're all in the same boat. It's really lovely to chat to other people who are experiencing the same combination of excitement and frustration.
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