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  1. Hey girls, Does anyone know how many chairs are on a table? I'm ordering table runners but not sure how many to order! Thanks!
  2. Hi ladies, Wondering whether anyone can help me out with this -- I'm just over a month before the wedding date and was supposed to send in my completed guest list (with Royal Confirmation Numbers) to my wedding co-ordinator. Now, I have been emailed my TA and my wedding co-ordinator, and no one seems to know where the frig to get these confirmation numbers from. Where did you ladies obtain your guests Royal confirmation from? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know of where we could hire a limo transfer from the airport to the resort? The Resort price seems very unreasonable!
  4. Hey Ladies, Â I am a couple of days away from paying my final deposit. I am sure the following will sound familiar to many of you...of the 50 or so guests that said they would definately come, only 22 are confirmed and booked for our wedding on November 16, 2010. On that note, I was contemplating whether I should still proceed with the Luxury Package. Most of the stuff I don't really need, it was the number of guests that made us pick it. Â So, my question to those brides who picked the Luxury Package and already had their wedding: Â 1. Was the Mexican Trio at the Cocktail Reception worth it? Did it make that much of a difference, or could we just pop an Ipod in the sound system? Â 2. Was it worth having a soloist (harp, violin, etc) as you walked down the aisle? Â 3. Was the 1/2 hour video that they provide any good? Â If we do not choose these things and go with the Eternal Romance Package instead, we'll be saving ourselves $1,400.00!!!!!
  5. Girls, another question... Â So, I am getting legally married in a large (320 guests) ceremony/reception at home on October 30, 2010. For Playa, we do not want a "legal" ceremony -- I guess it's a "civil" ceremony we want? I want to do a sand ceremony and hand ceremony. How do I organize this? Do I tell our WC? Do I need to "plan" the timing of everything, i.e. when we want the hand ceremony, when we want the sand ceremony, etc? I'm sooo confused on how to go about it!!! Â Agghhh.....planning two weddings is an absolute gong show!!
  6. Thanks Becky, would love to see photos! Â And yes, I will make the meet as well. Can't wait!
  7. Hey everyone, Haven't been on in a long time, and I am pages and pages behind, lol!! 1. Jescman, Do you have Fernando Fuentes, contact info? Do we need to pay the vendor fee for him? I am stil contemplating whether I should use SpaAzul as it is included in my package. Has anyone used them? 2. I wanted to arrange a meet/greet/welcome dinner. I think it's absolutely the stupidist thing that I have to pay for this (if I do it at a restaraunt at the resort). Has anyone been dealing with the same thing? 3. If I am not having a wedding party, do I still need to do a wedding rehersal? When do we have to have our food selection, etc, sent in by? My wedding is November 16, 2010, but not all my guests have booked yet, and will likely not book until beg-mid Sept, so I don't want to send it in until I have a final number. As usual...thanks gals, you guys rock!
  8. Hey gals, Fellow Vancouver bride (to be). Wedding on Nov 16/10 at Royal Playa del Carmen. Would love some helpful tips/deals, good CAD websites, etc. Would love to be part of the Sept meet! Cheers!
  9. SHould I or not!??!? Do I get the damn dance floor for $700?!?!??!?!?!?!?! It seems like such a wasted expense....BUT... my guests and I are all dancers and the wood floor that the resort provides seems so ghetto! It doesn't even sit on the sand evenly! I feel like I would need the guests to sign a waiver before they dance on it, lol!! Can any previous brides provide any insight on this and whether they think the added expense of the dance floor was worth it?
  10. Hey Ladies, Haven't been on for awhile. My US WC is fantastic. She is very quick, usually returning emails on the same day. The only thing is it seems that English is a second language and sometimes there is a miscommunication. I'm having issues with the menu selection. I have been advised that I have to submit my final menu selection 45 days prior. I asked whether there would be a "tasting" upon arrival at the resort (as I have read some brides do) and if so, whether I would be able to change my menu options if needed. The only response I got was that the final selections needed to be submitted 45 days prior - So..my questions to you all: 1. Is there a food tasting upon arrival and if so, are you able to change your menu selections if you so desire? 2. Can anyone recommend menu selections from the Luxury Menu? I have two entree choices as some of my guests do not eat red meat. 3. WTF is up with the cocktail reception Is there an open bar or not??!! Seriously stupid if there isn't, it's a friggin all inclusive for a reason!!!! How will they stop the guests from going to the other bars to get a drink when they are all guests at the resorts. :wtf
  11. Service well done for brides and photographers!! Thanks for taking the time to provide all of this valuable and informative information, especially for us brides at RPDC!
  12. Hey girls, So, I'm in the process of drafting my SOD's along with all the necessary info, and I am wondering what type of info you ladies included? Besides the obvious TA info, did you include anything else, or keep it basic? Also, we are having a religious ceremony at home, so I want to include wording that we understand that not everyone will be able to make it to MX, and therefore would love it if they are able to join us celebrate at the religious ceremony at home. Suggestions on wording? Lastly, so I'm confused re sand ceremony - we are having a symbolic ceremony - are we allowed to have the sand ceremony? I remember reading a post from someone saying that the Royal is not allowing that anymore
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Lady_Di Yes, that helps a lot!!! Thank you for clearing it up. We booked him in November so this all makes sense. AHhhhhh!! Girlfriend, you got it on the money re Ivan. And also with the Royal - those mofo's always want their cut, no matter what! Diana, so basically even with paying a fendor's fee (and yours would only be $100 - ours is $350 - you would still pay cheaper for the DJ cause we are paying over $1600 with the dance floor). I've gotten to the point where my thoughts are:
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Lady_Di girafexx, we still save $$ by booking directly with Ivan so it's whatever. lluna, The resort charges like 1k just for the DJ without the light up dance floor. With DJ Ivan, the dance floor is included. You ladies that booked Ivan last year are lucky! It seems that the price is the same as the Royal, and he DOES NOT provide the dance floor in the cost - it's an additional $750 or something like that. We are DANCERS (meaning me, lol) so I'm going to splurge for the dance floor - just told FI the cost incl. the dance floor, and didn't mention that the dance floor was extra, lol. To me, there are some extras that are worth it - I'd rather pay the $750 for the dance floor than $75 per table (we have 10 tables) for centre pieces! Ivan seems really cool and nice though. He said that he has an agreement with Real Resorts that they will not charge people vendor fees if they book him directly. He also cc'd that email to the wedding manager who is based in Cancun. Hmm, I think I have to look up Mexico's law governing contract law (i'm in the legal profession). Here, emails are agreements and once agreed upon it's terms and accepted, it is a binding contract. I will have to see whether that is the same in Mexico. If it is...and they try to screw with me...best watch out lol.
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