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  1. Congratulations on your engagement! I would look into T&C. I have been there (when I lived in New York) and it was really simple and one of the most beautiful places I have been. Also, Grand Cayman is really nice.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by dianep it's supposed to make them a little thicker and stronger so they can grow out better. has anyone had them removed? it sounds like they're not supposed to damage your natural nails, but i'm curious about anyone's experience with them. i called my salon yesterday and they DO offer both manis and pedis with the axxium, and they charge $100 for both ($40 mani/$60 pedi) and say to plan for an hour and a half. I have had them removed about three times now. They really do leave your nails a little thinner and brittle, I realized they say there is no harm. I have really thick nails, so it wasn't that huge of a difference to me, but I could notice it. Two of my clients had them done and won't go back. They thought that the damage wasn't worth it. (I didn't think that it was too bad.) None of us have paid more than $30 for the mani, most pay $20-25. I will keep doing it, especially for the wedding, but I am concerned that if it does chip or peel in Mexico before the wedding, I would have no way to take them off- they do not sell the solution that you soak your hands in. On the super plus side, your nails are immediately dry and ready to go way quicker than a normal mani. I say give it a shot before you go!
  3. Congratulations on your engagement! happy planning
  4. Welcome to the forum! You will find a ton of information on here and everyone is SO helpful! happy planning
  5. I love this and have been getting it done for a few months now But, it does take a little longer than a typical mani to get the color off, because you have to soak your nails and then it peels off. Which, also means that if it does start to chip while on vacation, it is near impossible to get off without the solution. Also, my girlfriend asked her salon in Denver to have it done and was told that they do not offer it because it cracks off too easy with their climate (cold). I thought that was interesting! All in all, it is a great solution to keeping your nails looking fresh!
  6. That's really cute! I love using a picture as a thank you!
  7. brandonsbride


    Congratulations on your engagement! Happy planning!
  8. We are date twins and wedding website twins! How funny! Hope planning is going great! What time are you having your ceremony, and what day are your guests arriving? Quote: Originally Posted by asayle Feb 22nd - We aren't doing an all-inclusive so it should be interesting. Only thing I have officially done is the website! Wedding Website - Amber & Stefan Slowly but surely ladies!
  9. So many wonderful things going on in your life! Congratulations and welcome to the forum! happy planning
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by skadow We have the same site! thats crazy... I like yours alot =) Good Choice! Mine is Wedding Website - Daniel Drew & Sara Kadow - Welcome Thanks for the info! We are using Wedding Window, too! We have just barely started, though. Hopefully we can get it up and running soon! I think we have all chosen the same theme
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    Congratulations on your engagement! I can't wait to follow your planning
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