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  1. just read the news online. such an inconvenience to travellers. hope all the brides on BDW get their travel plans re-arranged asap! all the best, and RIP skyservice. we had good times together.
  2. Money: bring about 20 dollars in USD ones for tipping your maid... leave a dollar or two on your bed every day... with little nick-nacks. don't bring an AMEX, or US bank credit card (capital one, etc....); they wont accept it. if they do, you'll be charged an 11-25% premium..... yep. Currency for Tourist: Convertable pesos. it's almost 1-for-1.... 1 peso is like 1.10 cdn
  3. anyone in toronto: try MOKSHA. it's great. i was once a comp. gymnast in my prime (LOL) and hate slow things too (like amy said). but you lose lbs quick. just remember to say hydrated! drink lots of water. plus, adding lemon (or orange slices) to water helps. cuts fat!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by bahiabride2010 Amygirl....me too! I've lost 30 pounds eating clean! I usually have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, pre-workout snack and dinner! I guess that's 6 meals a day for me...it's really important to eat regularly to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. I eat lots of fruits and veggies, lots of lean protein, and lots of water. i have to agree. eating every 3-5 meals a day works. trust me. it sounds like alot, but that's the only way you'll shed the pounds. Drinking lots of water. Fruits and veggies for a snack.... cutting back on carbs... USE ALL YOUR COLOURS!! RED: apples, ORANGE: oranges, YELLOW: Bananas, GREEN: pears, BLUE: Blueberries, PURPLE:plums, BROWN: also pears...... and you can do the same for veggies. *don't eat past 8 pm RICE: JUST SAY NO.... try 100% wild rice... it looks like bird food, but tastes reallllll good. DRESSINGS: cut back on dressings as much as you can. if you can't resist, try a low fat vinegarette. hope that helps a bit. TJ.
  5. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL RESORT. The staff are amazing and love when canadians visit. bring as much goodies as you can for the maids and special staff members (ie. toiletries, tagged clothing, kids toys) you'll have a blast. I'm thinking about Holguin for my wedding too....
  6. i read earlier that if you email the TA, they can help.
  7. hello. what should we bring to this meet up? (i'm new to this)
  8. gymrat


    Happy planning. i've been to PC (occidental Punta Cana) and it's a beautiful place. you'll enjoy it!
  9. have fun planning! Heard Cancun is awesome!
  10. new years wedding!! have fun planning!
  11. hello. Im the same as you.... only difference is my US family wont be able to come. but CUBA is awesome. beautiful country... amazing people
  12. gymrat

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    Congrats!!!! Happy planning hun!
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