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  1. Palace Resorts are very good about reimbursing you for the room nights. It will be in a check to whoever signed the contract and you will receive it about 1 month after the wedding. It seems that the origional poster had her wedding in the beginning of September and received her check by September 28th. That is entirely normal. Also the free functions you earn are entirely free. We have had 2 family weddings at Aventura Spa Palace/Avemntura Cove Palace and they were both beautiful and perfect! I think the origional poster should retract her Palace bashing statements or reply back as to what really happened.
  2. angelove - I see that you are getting married at Aventura Spa Palace and are worried about the hair and makeup gut you hired, Fermamdo, double booking. My daughter was recently married at Aventura Spa and had her hair and makeup done at the resort salon. It was amazingly beautiful and the total for hair and makeup was $68. She took a photo of the hairstyle she wanted and they did an amazing job! Check some of her my daughters photos out here: Shutterfly | View share
  3. No problems and no other brides in the restaurant. We choose El Greco outside terrace and had an amazing dinner offilet mignon and shrimp.
  4. The 2 with beautiful outside terraces are the ElGreco on the adults only Spa side and the Mundaca on the family Cove side.
  5. Evaleen - If your uncle ( a Palace Resort member) is doing the booking for everyone through his membership, then all of the airport transfers are free to all of your guests. After each of them pays for their rooms and have their flights, they can go onto the member site, or have your uncle do it for them, and arrange their tranfer times. They can then print out the transfer confirmation and they must bring it with them to present to the Palace transfer team at the Cancun airport. They are called Traffic and will be wearing red shirts and tan slacks. they will be located outside of the CAncun airport doors.
  6. Also, know that you can use the 1500 vacation dollars they give you (their new promotion) toward the wedding costs.
  7. We used a Palace Resorts photographer (David Pena) when my daughter was married at Aventura Spa Palace, last month. He was fabulous! He is available at all Palace Resorts if you ask your WC for him. Here are some of her photos I put on Shutterfly: Shutterfly | View share They are even more beautiful seen larger!
  8. Janelley100 - the differance between the hydrotherpy in a regular couples massage and the Golden Suites couple massage is this: With a regular couples massage, you each can go to the spa 1 hour before your massage and enjoy seperate hydrotherpy areas (mens and womens). And then at your massage time you will both be taken to the same massage room, with 2 massage tables, for your side by side massage. With a Golden Suites Couples Massage you are both taken to a special suite where you can both enjoy a private hydrotherapy area together and then that is followed by the couples massage in the same large suite. There are a few more special little extras, but that is the main differance.
  9. "the palace head office in Miami is very quick to reply, you WC on site isn't. i've waited 3 months for an email reply. and they tell you not to expect contact until 2 months before the wedding day. so that's not that great. but if you're quite laid back about it then it's great!" That was not our experience at all! I feel exactly the same way as NaM does. It could not have been a better experience! My daughter was married at Aventura Spa Palace on May 20, 2010 and it was beyond amazing!! We contacted Miami in May 2009 about having a wedding there. They answered the next day and we were assigned a WC and one month later we were assingned a WC (Yazmin) at Aventura Spa. We were surprised to actually get our resort WC 11 months before the wedding. We emailed and talked about all of the plans for 11 months before the wedding. Yazmin was fantastic and made sure we had the package we wanted and all of the little extras and special requests we threw at her. She always answered within 24 hours and was always happy and accomodating. We used the resort for my daughters hair and makeup and we used the resort photographer (David Pena) and also the resort videographer. They were all fantastic! Her hair was just amazing!! Here are a few of her photos, I put on shutterfly: http://share.shutterfly.com/share/re...1AZNGbNm5Zs3LA They are so beautiful, but even better when you seem them large! Katrina305 - We are VIP members and booked all of the guests through our membership. We had enough room nights to get a free function (we did the 1 hour cocktail and hors d'ourves) and free room nights (which were reimburshed to us in a check from Palace Resorts about 3 weeks after the wedding). I know you said you have an uncle who is a member, have him book the wedding for you and also the rooms. When he books the rooms have him tell the representative that he is booking a group of rooms for a wedding and when he calls to book each room he should try to speak with the same rep, if possible, if not make sure he tells the other reps. that it is a room for a wedding group booking. After he books the room for a guest, the guest can go onto the member site and pay for it themselve. Also, know that as a member your uncle will be able to get 20% off of the cost of a wedding package immediately. Make sure he mentions this to the Miami WC when she draws up the contract. One more thing, your uncle can use 2 of the guest bookings as referrals He has to tell Miami this when he books them), if at least one of the guests in the room is 35 yrs old. If he books 2 rooms like this, he will get a free week to use for himself. He can find out more about this on the member site. Any other questions, just message me. Good luck.
  10. For those getting married at Aventura Spa Palace or Moon Place, I highly recommend you choose their top resort photographer - David Pena. He did a spectacular job on my daughters wedding 1 month ago, we were more than pleased with him and his work. Here are a few of the photos he took: Shutterfly | View share
  11. A few of my daughters wedding photos taken at Aventura Spa Palace, we were very pleased with our photographer.: http://share.shutterfly.com/share/re...1AZNGbNm5Zs3LA
  12. Thanks bryjenbry!!! We also had Yazmin for my daughters' WC. She was wonderful from beginning to end. I was in contact with her alot, through email, planning the wedding down to the final fact. When everything was finally decided, I sent her an email with "everything " we decided on and also a schedule with the start and finish time of every single event. I asked her to confirm everything, she did and I took email along with me. Everything was perfect and exactly on time!! We did not feel rushed at all. My daughters wedding was at 5:00. Her hair was booked for noon and her makeup for 1:30. She was done by 2:00 and just relaxed in the Presidential suite until 4:00. Then we got her into her dress and we all got ready. Everyone had to be at gazebo by 4:40, except bride and father. Yazmin appeared at Presidential at 4:30 with bouquet and photographer. We booked my daughters wedding in May of 2009 with Miami and in June of 2009 we already were dealing with the resort WC, Yazmin. So I was actually communicating with her for about 1 year prior to the wedding. Usually you do not speak with the resort WC until 3 months before the wedding. http://share.shutterfly.com/share/re...1AZNGbNm5Zs3LA
  13. It would actually be possible, if they had enough brides, for them to do 16 weddings in 1 day. One every hour from 11:00 to 6:00 on the Spa side and the same on the Cove side and once they get the new one up and running on the Spa side (by the Concierge Beach) you can have 8 more weddings that day for a total of 24. No changes of that happening are very, very slim, but if they had that many brides wanting to marry the same day, then they could. Moon Palace has days like that. That being said there was only one other one the day my daughter got married, 2 hours before. We saw a few days with 3 or 4 weddings at the same time (Spa gazebo, cove gazebo, beach on spa side and one in the Temezcal area).
  14. My daughter had the sapphire package. It was beautiful. Light blue and a cobalt blue. Her bouquet was blue hydrangeas, blue irises and ivory roses. Shutterfly | View share
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