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    Nan, Welcome to the Forum! It is a little overwhelming at first but don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. Regardelss of where you decide to have your wedding, I think a good wedding coordinator will make all the planning much easier and fun for you. I'm working with Julieta, not only is she one of the best florists in the area but she can recommend catering services, make up, music etc. This is her website in case you want to check it out YOUR WEDDING FLORIST JULIETA your WEDDING FLORIST AND COORDINATOR. Goooood Luck with everything!!!
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    Welcome and Congratulations! All the Best!
  3. This forum is amazing and you will find all the information that you need and more! Happy planning. All the Best!
  4. Congratulations to you and your honey!! All the Best!
  5. Thanks for the feedback chicas ; )...I've been browsing on line for ideas. http://weddingtennies.homestead.com/platformdiva3.jpg The Lovely Bride - Wedding Sneakers - Bridal Shoes - Bridal Sneakers - Wedding Tennis Shoes On the tennis shoes, I like the high heel ones. But now I'm feeling more inclined towards the platform flip flops, they're confy and they look cuter. I'm also thinking about getting them for the bridesmaids in case they want to get rid of the high heels at the reception. I went to a wedding once and they were giving out flip flops for all the lady guests, that was a lifesaver because we danced and partied until 5am!! So if your feet got tired, all you needed to do was grab a pair!! Of course you can always go barefoot but I thought it was a cute idea.
  6. I'm not used to wearing high heels and I'm planning on dancing all night long at my wedding!! I want to make sure I have comfortable shoes for the reception, nothing makes me crankier than sore feet!. Even though at the beginning I thought they were ugly, I'm falling in love with the wedding tennis shoes, they're fun and definitively look comfortable. But I'm debating between the tennis shoes or the platform flip flops which might be a better choice for a beach wedding. Does any of you have any ideas?
  7. Hurrah! good! now we are all setup and ready! I moved from nov to october 25 (better rates in everythign!)
  8. All this talk about cakes is making me hungry!!! I've heard great things about Turtle Bay Cafe. Have a Wonderful Wedding Nicole!! I'm also getting married in Akumal so I can't wait to read your wedding review.
  9. great ideas! please post pics! when you have them ! I might use this for rehearsal dinner!
  10. I am sure she will respond! let us hope for the best! Let us all trust and help out with our nice thoughts! luck!
  11. hey! i saw cakes on my site, definitely, cakes need to come out last minute. we are having a dummy cake for reception and pictures, on a beautifully adorned cocktail table, then it will be traded for the real one on cutting hour after dinner. if you need info on this, i am attaching the link for info, hope it helps! fun open bar - venues - catering JULIETA your WEDDING FLORIST AND COORDINATOR
  12. i was promised by my coordinator that the votives, floaties and luminaries will not blow as she will have very tall glass and the candle up to the middle. I am having that and besides she takes care of lighting all the candles which might be too many on the day for you to do, or your maid of honour. and the look of lots of lighted lights is wonderful luminaries and floaties JULIETA your WEDDING FLORIST AND COORDINATOR
  13. we were going to do our own drinks but then thought even if we have the recipe, this can be a hassle, so we are getting an hour of lighted bar on a mobile cart with colored margaritas and cosmos with tequilas. you can check on this site as our coordinator offered this and we are having it! fun open bar - venues - catering JULIETA your WEDDING FLORIST AND COORDINATOR
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