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  1. Thanks for that map! I may actually use that in our invitations. I'm still looking for a map of the Bay that's slightly more detailed that points out LC. That way, I can go on to google maps and zoom in on LC. Billy and Erin
  2. Hey We are working on the invitations, and would like to include a map. Can somebody point to exactly where LC is on a map? I've done several searches but I can only get within about 30 miles of it, but haven't been able to pin point it on the bay. Thanks! Billy and Erin
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Mandy Canada Thank you Billy it is very helpful. Too bad PV is 40 minutes away, oh well I think we will still head in to town at least 1 day. Do you recall if there were bus trips that go to PV for clubbing/bar hopping? Nolitours is on site and offers that tour just book it when you get there. you can also take the walk into bucerias and deal with Scott tours if you want to save some money. Scott is American and highly recommended. Billy
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Mandy Canada Awesome, I have a couple of questions.... 1. What room block did you stay in? Would like one with a great beach view. 2. What was your favorite a la carte restaurant? 3. What was the best thing that you liked about the resort? 4. What was one thing that was not great or you wish you knew about before going? 5. Is there a bath tub in the room or just a shower? This question is for my mom as she loves her bathes, lol. Thanks for your input. Glad you had a good time at the resort, it looks beautiful, I love the bright colors and Mexican decor. My Fiance and I stayed there Feb 12-19th 2010. -We stayed in 4211 (building 4, second floor, room 11), we could see the ocean but it was far away. the only building that's officially ocean view is building number one. I believe you have to call ahead and request it. You will want the south end of the building, as pool number 1 is at the north end it is very noisy and is the party spot until about midnight. -Definitely go to the mexican a la carte it was delicious. the Italian was very good as well. (it's the only restaurant with a/c). the japjap (japanese) and the wok(thai) were ok but I think I would rather had more choices at the buffet. -the cleaner the maids use smells so good! weird but it's one thing both my fiance and I loved haha. The show's at night were awesome! you have to go. 95% of the tourists are Canadian so the staff plays up the Canadian pride. (I almost felt bad for the Americans) -We read a lot of reviews on tripadvisor before going, so I feel we were prepared for most things you need to know about. It's a long way to Peurto Vallarta from the resort. I underestimated the distance. it's a 40 taxi ride to downtown PV. it will cost 200 pesos each way. We only went once which was fine by us, as Bucerias is an awesome little authentic mexican town that's right beside the RDC. -our room was one big shower only. We are going to go back to the RDC when we get married as that's where we got engaged. it's a perfect AI resort at a good price. We haven't decided if we are having the wedding at the resort or off. Hope this helps Billy
  5. On the first page it has prices but they are from 2007, anyone know if these are still accurate? If they aren't could somebody please send me an updated price list. Thanks
  6. They look amazing! I think I've just found our invitations! I'm sending you a PM for the jacket. Thanks so much for sharing! Billy
  7. Thank you so much butterfly4kathy2 for the quick reply! Wow, I didn't realize you didn't get a reception/dance after the dinner with the gold package. I don't think our guests will do a whole lot of dancing but we must have our first dances. Billy
  8. I have a couple questions about the different packages that are available. I've emailed Kelly but I hear it takes a while to get a response back so I figured I would quiz you. We are going to have 25-30 people at our wedding so we can get either the platinum/premier or the gold/paradise packages. From what I interpret, If you upgrade to the platinum/premier package for an additional $2345 you get these things above the gold/paradise package; -catamaran yacht instead of a sail boat or speed boat (this has the advantage of a dance floor and more space. I imagine this is the reason for the 25-30 person limit) -a planning day trip to LC that you can take months or days before the actual wedding. -access to the spa (I don't understand this. with the gold package you have access to the bridal suit. With the platinum package you have access to the bridal suit and spa. What are you actually getting extra?) -your ceremony has torches lighting the way and a tropical center piece -Appetizers before your meal -tropical beach dance floor, sound system and bonfire on the beach. Is there any other differences I'm missing? If you get the gold package, do you dance at the same place you had the reception opposed to on the beach? or is there just no place for dancing? If you were to get the gold package and then book the fire dancers, how does that work? Thanks for your replies in advance! I really hope my fianceé and I can get married at LC It would be a dream come true for her (and me). Billy
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